Day: October 24, 2018

Car Rentals, and what about insurance?

Check with your credit card company. Many credit cards do offer collision insurance (but not liability) for rental cars. So, there may be coverage for damage to the rental car itself, but not for damage to a car that you hit or property that you damage, or injuries. If you have an accident the rental […]

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Schäufele, Franconia dish
Main Course

Schäufele on the Menu

Schäufele (Schaufele translates to small shovel) is a traditional dish that is mainly served in the my hometown Würzburg and the Franconia region of Germany. Every year, at my class reunion,  I treat myself to this meal when meeting at a restaurant with my former class mates. When finished cooking, it resembles something between grilled […]

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cost of living Germany logo
Travel Destinations

Germany Cost of Living

This information was compiled by Americans (German/Americans) who currently live in Germany, or go back and forth. Exchange rates make a difference, at that time January 2018 it was 1 Euro ~ $1.18. Update: At this time, August 2019, 1 Euro ~ $1.12 Per Facebook group ” Americans living in/considering moving to Germany “ 1. […]

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Worldwide Car Rentals