Day: May 11, 2019

German Wurstsalat
Main Course

German Wurstsalat

Many Germans grow up with this Wurstsalat recipe. In my area (Franconia), we make it with Mayonnaise and call it Fleischsalat. I tried this dish first when I visited Stuttgart (Schwabenland). It became my favorite Abendbrot or evening supper. Taste great with my Bauernbrot or a crusty Baguette

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Amsterdam, Netherland
Northern Europe
Travel Destinations

Amsterdam and its exciting and turbulent history

A couple years back we decided to drive to Amsterdam. I booked a hotel three days ahead online and got a good deal for three nights. While there, I found out that the hotel parking was $35. per day (or $5 an hour on the street). Therefore, I do not recommend to drive into Amsterdam […]

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