Month: November 2019

Spatchcock a turkey

Spatchcock a Turkey?

How to make the juiciest Turkey with the crispiest skin, and will also cook in a fraction of time. There is an easy technique. You can just cut out the backbone by spatchcocking your bird, also called “butterflied turkey” If your turkey is natural and has not been brined or pre-seasoned, you could brine it […]

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Passau boat ride, Schifffahrt Stephansdom, Cathedral, Passau

Passau, the city where three Rivers meet

After settling in at my Airbnb in Passau, a city in Lower Bavaria, I took a walk at the beautiful waterfront promenade. There were colorful flowers and buildings as I strolled along. I noticed the architecture of Passau’s old city buildings, and as I was reading later, there is a reason why it has an Italian flair. After the catastrophic city fire of 1662, the Italian influence can be seen everywhere….

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Aioli dip, spread. Mediterranean, Spain Italy Southern France, Christmas Spread

Aioli, a Mediterranean dip

Last time I was at the Freiburg Münsterplatz I visited their large International Market and had fried Calamaris with Aioli sauce. That was the first time I tasted this sauce, and I have been bragging about it ever since. This spread or dip is used with the cuisines in Spain, the Balearic Islands, Murcia and eastern Andalusia, Valencia and Catalonia. Also in France (Provence) and Italy, Sicily and Liguria and Calabria.

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Eggnog liquor cake

Rum or Eggnog Liquor Cake will lighten up any gathering

Many people already know about Eierlikörkuchen from a German grandma – who, of course, has made the world’s best. Same recipe can be used as Rumkuchen (Rum cake). Incidentally, those cakes are often made with an oil and butter mixture. This creates a very special moisture. In the classic version, it is baked in a […]

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Angie's Glass Mosaic flowers

My Glass Mosaic

I was always fond of Glass and Crystal, or anything transparent, colorful and shiny. When walking in my neighborhood as a kid, I passed by a workshop that made beautiful Stained Glass Windows for churches and doors for homes. I admire anything with Glass Art. I had the opportunity to take a Mosaic class 2 years ago working with glass pieces. I produced mainly flowers like Lillies, birds like Cardinals, Blue Jays and Yellow Goldfinch, also Owls, Butterflies, German Vineyards and River Scenes

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Topfenknoedel, Austrian Dish

Topfenknödel, a sweet Austrian dish

A typical Austrian or Bavarian dish I ate in Mittenwald, South Bavaria. These are called “Topfenknödel“. Topfen means Quark, and can be substituted with Greek Yoghurt. The dumplings could be be filled with Plum or Apricot pieces, and covered with puppy seed instead of bread crumps. While preparing the Topfenknoedel, you can make the Vanilla […]

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Mittenwald, Karwendel Mountains, Bavaria

Mittenwald in the Karwendel mountains

When traveling south from Landshut, I tried to avoid the Autobahn, so I took on a quaint country road. After a couple of hours driving through South Bavaria, I arrived in Mittenwald. A lovely and colorful Bavarian town, which is known for painted Facades on the buildings called Lüftmalerei. South of where the Isar rises, […]

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Sourbraten, Sauerbraten, Tangy beef roast

Tangy Sauerbraten makes your taste buds happy

A Sunday meal I remember growing up. That sweet and sour, tangy taste and smell you won’t forget. Some have to develop taste buds for it. Sauerbraten can be a big hit a the dinner table, you can’t go wrong cooking for a big crowd. Plan for it way in advance, the marinating takes several […]

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Doener, a Tuerkish street food in Germany, French fries and coleslaw

Döner, a popular street food

Döner is the Turkish version Greek Gyros. When in Germany, I order my Plate with a slaw, cucumber, tomatoes and fried garlic potatoes. It’s my other favorite street food while in Germany. The true Döner was discovered 1867 by Iskender Efendi (Master Alexander), the original family restaurant is located near Istanbul (Bursa), Turkey, where the […]

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Landshut, Bavaria streetscape

Landshut, a Bavarian Jewel just north of Munich

Landshut is the capital of Lower Bavaria. This considerable small town of about 70,000 inhabitants was a pleasant surprise when visiting friends recently. Just 20 minutes north of the Munich Airport, Landshut is one of the richest industrialized towns in Bavaria with a striving economy.  After a three-day stay Passau, I was driving for about […]

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