Day: November 15, 2019

Hot Egg liquor Punsch, Eierpunsch
Drinks, mixed
Northern Europe

Eierpunsch or Eggnog Liquor Punsch

Made with Eggnog Liquor and White Wine. It is something you would not expect to taste this good. It can easily become your favorite drink at the Christmas Market. All should be available in the US at least 6 weeks before Christmas at the Liquor store. An altenative: Buy plain Eggnog and just add Rum, […]

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Angie's Glass Mosaic flowers
My Art

My Glass Mosaic

I was always fond of Glass and Crystal, or anything transparent, colorful and shiny. When walking in my neighborhood as a kid, I passed by a workshop that made beautiful Stained Glass Windows for churches and doors for homes. I admire anything with Glass Art. I had the opportunity to take a Mosaic class 2 years ago working with glass pieces. I produced mainly flowers like Lillies, birds like Cardinals, Blue Jays and Yellow Goldfinch, also Owls, Butterflies, German Vineyards and River Scenes

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