A train ride to Ghent and Brugge in Belgium

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This excursion was part of our trip that ended in Paris. Arriving in Ghent on a May Day in 2013. It was a cloudy, and it had rained on and off for 4 month. First thing we saw was a see of bicycles at the train station. We walked to our B&B “A Bed in Ghent” by host Tom de Wolf. We were greeted warmly, and he carried our luggage upstairs. The room was retro and comfortable. I remember it had a records and a record player from Beatles and such, basically 70ties music. After discovering Ghent on 48 hour city pass, Museums, castle and boat rides, we took a day trip to Brugge. Ghent is conveniently located between Brussel and Brugge

A great resource I found were those guide books by Rick Steves. It helped me discover sites I did not know without. You can buy them here:


Many Bikes greeted us at the Ghent train station

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