Car Rentals, and what about insurance?

Check with your credit card company. Many credit cards do offer collision insurance (but not liability) for rental cars. So, there may be coverage for damage to the rental car itself, but not for damage to a car that you hit or property that you damage, or injuries. If you have an accident the rental company can charge your credit card for the damages. You will then have to file a claim with the credit card, and they will ask for lots of documents, including a detailed repair statement, which the rental company may or may not be willing to provide. So, if you rely on the credit card it may well be a long and involved process. If you take the collision insurance offered by the rental car company, it’s expensive, but if you damage the car you just turn the car in and they take care of it. The best advice is to check with your credit card company and be sure that you understand, and comply with, all the terms and conditions, if you decide to rely on your credit card to cover collision insurance. I don’t know of any credit cards that cover liability.

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