Western Europe

Chamonix, France

Chamonix-MontBlanc, the highest Mountain in Western Europe

Written by Author Claudia Clark. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and because I am an avid animal lover–especially koalas and kangaroos, we had planned for 5 years to go to Australia. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus outbreak our trip had been cancelled, so we decided to travel to France, the town of Chamonix and the Mont-Blanc mountain, which is the Haute-Savoie region.

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French Liver Pate, fine Liverwurst, Feine Leberwurst mir Cognac

French Liver Pâté, an exotic spread for your Guests

A great Spread for parties is this decadent French Liver Pâté! Sometimes I have a craving for Liverwurst. I have made the Pfälzer before, this one is different. French Liver Pâté is made with Chicken Liver and a shot of Cognac. Brandy or Sherry cooking wine are alternatives Instead of Creme Fraìche, cream cheese mixed […]

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Belgium waffle

Belgian Waffles in Brugge

These Waffles are stuck on my mind, because they are so exceptional, light and fluffy.

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French lemon cake, Cake au Citron

French Lemon Cake (Cake au Citron)

On our travels to Paris, France, I found this fantastic Lemon cake at a Pâtisserie Cafe. I did some research on French recipes, and baked it to the best of my knowledge Internal temperature should be at least 207 F, or do a toothpick test Helpful Tips: I used a 9″x 5″ oven loaf pan, […]

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Crepes. French pancakes

French Crêpes, a thin, melt in your mouth kinda pancake

French Crepes are very thin delicate pancakes. They are not sweet, but instead savory. Unlike pancakes, Crêpes have a very smooth batter, mostly achieved with a hand mixer, but whisking in a bowl can do the job. The batter can be made the night before, or let rest in the bowl at least an hour […]

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Irish boiled Beef, Corned Beef

Irish boiled Beef or Corned Beef

A typical Irish meal is boiled Beef with cabbage, here we called it Corned Beef. We had while visiting a pup in Killarney, Ireland. Very easy, it consists of beef brisket, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots. I married into an Irish (ancestors) family, so this simple dinner is highly appreciated. Irish Boiled Beef would be very […]

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Brugge, Belgium

A train ride to Ghent and Brugge in Belgium

This excursion was part of our trip that ended in Paris. Arriving in Ghent on a May Day in 2013. It was a cloudy, and it had rained on and off for 4 month. First thing we saw was a see of bicycles at the train station. We walked to our B&B “A Bed in […]

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