French Liver Pâté, an exotic spread for your Guests

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A great Spread for parties is this decadent French Liver Pâté! Sometimes I have a craving for Liverwurst. I have made the Pfälzer before, this one is different. French Liver Pâté is made with Chicken Liver and a shot of Cognac. Brandy or Sherry cooking wine are alternatives

Instead of Creme Fraìche, cream cheese mixed with sour cream can be used for easy spreading (some people use chicken fat). If Cognac is not available, Brandy or Sherry wine can be used. Important: It’s best to be left in the refrigerator overnight to expand and develop a flavor. This spread can be eaten with my French Baguette or simply some crackers

I am reluctant to pay Deli prices, so I tried to recreate this type of smooth Liverwurst and my mothers more rustic, called “Hausmacher” Leberwurst, at home.

Here are my favorite mixers to mince meat. I don’t use food processors, I tried many, and those blenders below do the job!

Sherry cooking wine is easily found in stores and a great substitute. Decorate with a parsley, thyme or rosemary sprig and crushed peppercorns on top. French Liver Pâté can also be frozen in those terrines covered with foil

Can be made in a jar. Taste great with my French Baguette recipe