Sommerhausen and Ochsenfurt in Lower Frankonia

Driving through Frankonian Wine Country, first Sommerhausen, then Ochsenfurt. Both towns are only a 10 Minute drive apart. Close by is Baldersheim, where I spent the first three years of my life.


Sommerhausen has been an important municipality on the Main river since the Middle Ages. This area was mainly catholic, the inhabitants of Sommerhausen acknowledged the Reformation in 1600’s. Sommerhausen is now a Protestant enclave in the predominantly catholic Mainfranken.  The place, embedded in the Valley of the Main among vineyards, has been the hanger for Frankish romanticism for decades. The medieval city wall has been preserved. All buildings in the town center in the narrow, winding streets look back on several hundred years of history. The town hall dates from the 16th century.


Sommerhausen GuesthouseWeingut Schloss Sommerhausen

Weingut Schloss Sommerhausen
Old medieval border wall with watch tower

Italien Restaurant in Sommerhausen

An Italien Restaurant with Court yard in Sommerhausen
Café in Ochsenfurt


Cityhall in Ochsenfurt. Ochsenfurt is a charming Frankonian township whose origin dates back to early the Middle Ages. a wooden bridge constructed around 1200 helped the town to gain an importance. Fascinating half-timbered houses attract the eye at once. The Market place is dominated by the “New Townhall” from which Ochsenfurt has been ruled almost a thousand years


Ochsenfurt half-timbered homes
Ochsenfurt half-timbered homes
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