Steckerlfish. Spanish Makrele, Fish on a stick

The Steckerlfish, a Mackerel on a Stick

A delicacy is the “Steckerlfisch” or Fish on a Stick is a Spanish Mackerel that is grilled over a dug out pit with a grey layer of amber. This type of fish is one of my favorites visiting German or Austrian folk festivals.
The Steckerlfisch originates from the “kitchen” of the former Danube fishermen, and has been written about in books of the early 1900’s. Continue reading The Steckerlfish, a Mackerel on a Stick

Gugelhupf, Bundt cake, Guglhupf Sticky post

A Kaiser, his mistress and a Gugelhupf

One wonders if you have a genuine “Kaisergugelhupf” (Emperor bundt cake) on your plate at the Café. Only bakers and baking enthusiasts, who do a little research would be familiar with the true consistency of the dough. After all, we know there are many different variations on the internet, and there is very large collections of fake recipes among them Continue reading A Kaiser, his mistress and a Gugelhupf

Topfenknoedel, Austrian dessert

Topfenknödel, a sweet Austrian dish

A typical Austrian or Bavarian dish I ate in Mittenwald, South Bavaria. These are called “Topfenknödel”. Topfen means Quark, and can be substituted with Greek Yoghurt or Ricotta cheese. The dumplings could be be filled with Plum or Apricot pieces, and covered with poppy seeds instead of breadcrumbs. Continue reading Topfenknödel, a sweet Austrian dish

Ellmau, der Bergdoktor

A visit to the “Bergdoktor” in Ellmau

On my drive to Mittenwald I planned a stop at the town of “Going at the Wilden Kaiser” in Austria. Wilder Kaiser is the name of the mountain. Here, and in Ellmau was my all time favorite show “Der Bergdoktor” or Mountain Doctor filmed. If you ever seen the show or movie, you will recognize where I am standing. Continue reading A visit to the “Bergdoktor” in Ellmau

Edelweiss flower in Austrian, Bavarian mountains

Edelweiss, the “Eternal Flower”

The Alpine Edelweiss (also Leontopodium alpinum) is the only native plant in Central Europe representative of the approximately 40 known Edelweiss species, which are widespread in the mountains of Europe and Asia. It is found in the Alps, the Carpathians and in the Jura, where it settled after the last ice age as an immigrant plant from Asia. The Alpine Edelweiss belongs to the Asteraceae … Continue reading Edelweiss, the “Eternal Flower”

Stift Melk, Wachau Austria Sticky post

Stift Melk and Dürnstein in the Wachau, Austria

While staying in Weissenkirchen, Austria, and the wine region of Wachau, we did day trips to Vienna, the castle of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Schloss Artstetten), and took a day cruise to Stift Melk. It was a week full of history and sightseeings Arriving at our Bed & Breakfast “Donauhof” Hotel Garni in Weissenkirchen Wachau is a Wine region along the Danube, with a mild climate … Continue reading Stift Melk and Dürnstein in the Wachau, Austria

Trachten, Lederhhosen, Bavarian

Bavarian and Austrian Traditions, the Dirndl and Lederhosen

Born and raised in North Bavaria, it was natural for us to wear the traditional costumes or “Tracht” at least once a year to a festival. Sometimes I wore my Dirndl to the “Kiliani” Festival in Würzburg. Wearing the Tracht to the Town Festival or Biergarten is becoming popular in other parts in Germany, not only Bavaria or Austria Continue reading Bavarian and Austrian Traditions, the Dirndl and Lederhosen

Auszogne, Kniekuechle, Bavarian Donut

Auszogne, a German/Austrian pastry

The Auszogne are usually made of yeast dough, this can vary regionally but also slightly. What makes this pastry different, is that the dough is shaped so that the donuts are very thin in the middle. They also have a uniform thick bead on the outside. They are fried in clarified butter or vegetable oil, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. An Auszogne pastry has a … Continue reading Auszogne, a German/Austrian pastry