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Hallstatt, Austria, evening view

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Weihnachtsgans, Baked Goose, Christmas goose

A Christmas Goose

A juicy, crispy goose as I had growing up in Germany – who can resist that? Here is a wonderful recipe with a classic fruity-spicy filling. The follow
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Aioli dip, spread. Mediterranean, Spain Italy Southern France, Christmas Spread

Aioli, a Mediterranean dip

Last time I was at the Freiburg Münsterplatz I visited their large International Market and had fried Calamaris with Aioli sauce. That was the fi
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Topfenknoedel, Austrian dish

Austrian Topfenknödel

A typical Austrian or Bavarian dish I ate in Mittenwald, South Bavaria. These are called “Topfenknödel”. Topfen means Quark, and can be substitut
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Bad Füssing Therme1, Bavaria

Healthy retreats in Germany

When I was staying in Passau recently, I didn’t know what to do on a rainy and cool day, so I decided to take a 45 minute drive to the Bad Füssin
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Cevapcici, a Balkan sausage

Cevapcici, a Balkan Sausage

I ate this dish in the former Yugoslavia in 1986 (now Croatia) on the way to the famous Plitvicer Lakes. I always ordered a Grill Plate, it was a safe
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Altschlossfelsen red rock formation, Rheinland-Pfalz

Germany’s Red Rock Canyon

This natural wonder in Altschlossfelsen is a red dense rock formations is not in the southwest of the US, but in the southwest of the Palatinate, in c
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Teufelsmauer, Harz, Saxony

Germany also has a Great Wall

TeufelsmauerNorth of the Harz is the “Teufelsmauer” or Devils Wall. Teufelsmauer, HarzThe Rock wall stretches over 20 kilometers between the small tow
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