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Hallstatt, Austria, evening view

Thank you for visiting my Page. I was born in Germany where I lived half of my life, then the Southeast of the US. I’ve been traveling to Europe ever since. I started my blog Angiesweb.com because my friends and family have been asking me about my travel adventures and pictures. My motto is “I travel not to escape Life, but for Life not to escape me”

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Germany New Years lucky charms

New Years Lucky Charms

A Chimney sweep, a Pig, Horseshoe or Pfennig: If you want to help your luck in the new year, you can try lucky charms. I’ll reveal how these little he
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Life size baby Jesus. Munich Christmas miracle, Baby Jesus, Christkindl

The Munich Christmas miracle

The people of Munich have their very own Christkindl or Christ child. Every year it is displayed for worship from the first day of Christmas until the
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Zwiebelkuchen, Onion tart

Angie’s Zwiebelkuchen

Zwiebelkuchen is a popular German onion pastry. It is served with Federweissen (a new fermented wine). Those two just go hand in hand You could just u
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German Goulash (Gulasch)

German Gulasch (Goulash)

Goulash, in German called Gulasch, is our family tradition for large gatherings and holidays. I prepare two large pots for my daughter and family, and
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Croissants aux Amandes, Almond Croissant

Croissants aux Amandes

I ate these decadent Almond Croissants while in Paris at the Les Deux Magots. They are also called croissants aux creme d’amandes or simply 
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