Eat a Yoghurt-Fruit Cheese cake without the Guilt

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Yoghurt-Fruit cake slice

If you miss the German cheese cakes and think it’s not good for your hips, then bake it with Quark, in this case Greek-Yoghurt with Fruit. To make it easy, you can use Graham crackers as a crust. When you reduce the sugar, add the Fruits like Mandarines, Cherries and/or dark Berries. It will complete a healthy combination.

  • Yoghurt-Fruit cake ingredients
  • Ingrediens for Yoghurt-Fruit cake
  • Mixing Yoghurt-Fruit cake before it goes into the oven
  • Yoghurt-Fruit cake after baking
  • Yoghurt and fruit cake, German Cheese cake with Mandarines, Greek Yoghurt and Mandarines torte
  • Yoghurt-Fruit cake slice
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