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The Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain

In the first week in October 2023, my daughter and I spent five days in Oberammergau in the Bavarian Alps. It was a Saturday, an especially warm and clear day with blue skies. I have tried several times to reach the Zugspitze which is in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but the weather was not ideal, but today were perfect conditions We started out at the Bahnhof in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, … Continue reading The Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain

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My recommended Travel essentials

Through the years of my travels, there are items I bought beforehand, online or in stores, which served me well being abroad. I am confident you’ll be happy with my choices. More items are added occasional, so check this page in often. Disclosure: As an Amazon Affiliate I earn a small commission if you click through and make qualifying purchases with no additional cost to … Continue reading My recommended Travel essentials

Viehscheid, bringing the cows down to the valley

Watching the Almabtrieb spectacle in Austria

The Almabtrieb is an annual event in the Alpine region of southern Europe which takes place in late September, early October. It refers to a cattle drive that brings the cow herd down from the mountain pastures to their barns in the valley During summer, cattle herds feed on alpine pastures high up in the mountains. This practice known as Transhumance, meaning the action of moving livestock … Continue reading Watching the Almabtrieb spectacle in Austria

Bauernfrühstück, a German Farmers breakfast

Bauernfrühstück, a German Farmers breakfast

Bauernfrühstück, a wholesome breakfast I grew up with. This recipe is a variation of the classic recipe and takes only 20 minutes to prepare. It includes ingredients such as potatoes, onions, eggs, and bacon or ham. The name Bauernfrühstück originated from the fact that farmers ate a rich and filling breakfast so they can perform hard labor in the field for the day, Today I will … Continue reading Bauernfrühstück, a German Farmers breakfast

An iconic landmark, the Felsenkirche of Idar-Oberstein

The Felsenkirche in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, is an iconic landmark in the region and has a rich history that dates back several centuries. The Chapel was established around 1350 a.D. to serve as a place of worship for the miners working in the nearby gemstone mines. The church is perched on a rocky outcrop, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The actual church was built … Continue reading An iconic landmark, the Felsenkirche of Idar-Oberstein

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff, a favorite in our house

I have seen Stroganoff prepared at eating venues in all variations, even by Star chefs. I’ve really never eaten this dish at a restaurant, so today I’ve planned to prepare this meal at my house to satisfy my husbands cravings. Traditionally, beef stroganoff is made with tender cuts of beef such as filet mignon, sirloin, top round or ribeye steaks. These cuts are flavorful and … Continue reading Beef Stroganoff, a favorite in our house

Alsacian Pasta salad

Alsacian Pasta salad

IMO, this Pasta salad is an absolute must have for an outdoor BBQ. It is one of the most popular side dishes and convinces as a party salad as well as a simple lunch or dinner. Here you will find my favorite pasta salad recipe, the one I ate while in the French Alsace (Colmar) region. A classic pasta salad belongs on the barbecue buffet! … Continue reading Alsacian Pasta salad

Berchtesgaden Watzmann Mountain

The Berchtesgaden Watzmann Legend

The Watzmann mountain is not only Berchtesgaden’s landmark, it is also shrouded in famous legends and myths. Even today, the peaks of the massif are referred to as a family The Watzmann itself, with its 2713 meters of the middle peak, highest inner-German peak, as well as the Kleine (small) Watzmann known as the Watzmannfrau, and its 2307 meter frame with the smaller peaks, the … Continue reading The Berchtesgaden Watzmann Legend