Spinach dumplings, Spinatknoedel Sticky post

Tyrolean Spinach Dumplings at the “Buzihütte”

We ate these delicious Spinach dumplings after a short climb up a mountain to the rustic Buzihütte restaurant near Innsbruck, Austria. Afterward we sat with the locals and sang On days when I don’t know what to cook (unfortunately there are more of them than I would like), I make my Spinach dumplings. They taste great and can also be frozen very well. Apart from … Continue reading Tyrolean Spinach Dumplings at the “Buzihütte”

Marillenknödel, Apricot dumplings Sticky post

Marillenknödel, a sweet and delicious Austrian Apricot dumpling

I ate this dessert or dish at the Mariandl Restaurant in Spitz, Austria. The “Marille” is a protected designation of small Apricot that grows in the Wachau wine region of Austria. One of my favorite alcoholic beverage is the Marillenschnaps, I make sure I buy several bottles to take with me. Traditional Marillen dumplings are made from a dough that is low in sugar and … Continue reading Marillenknödel, a sweet and delicious Austrian Apricot dumpling

Potato Mushroom soup

A Potato Soup I remember eating in Vienna

There are many versions of Potato soups, I like the one I ate in Vienna, it had “Steinpilze”, a mushroom that grows in the Forests of Europe. I wanted to recreate this soup once at home. A similar mushroom I could find were the brown Baby Bella mushrooms. Continue reading A Potato Soup I remember eating in Vienna

Faschingskrapfen, German Mardi Gras donut

Faschingskrapfen – German Carnival Donuts

Faschingskrapfen or German Donuts are baked customarily at Fasching which is end of February. It’s the time of Carnival, and similar like Mardi Gras. The fist-sized pastries are not only found all year round in Franconia, but also in Southwest Germany, where they are called “Fastnachtsküchle”, and in Germany’s capital Berlin, the “Berliner”. The Krapfen are typically filled or injected with Hagebutte or Rose Hip … Continue reading Faschingskrapfen – German Carnival Donuts

Pretzel sandwich

Pretzels, almost like from the Bakery

Who would have thought that? I tried to bake Pretzels years ago, and I failed miserably. Baking Pretzels, or in German “Laugenbrezel” or in Bavaria “Brezn”, seemed so complicated to me at the time, that I preferred to leave it to the professionals So I’m a little proud. I can’t stop looking at the pictures of my Pretzels. Aren’t they beautiful? And they taste almost … Continue reading Pretzels, almost like from the Bakery

Ackerhaus betthaupt, painted folk art

Traditional painted furniture, the “Bauernmöbel”

Cover photo above: Work of a Peony Rose painter anno 1784, a painted headboard in the Ackerhus Museum. The fillings show the two seasons of Spring and Summer in the form of two women. When King Max II (1811–1864) wanted to connect to the peasants, he began actively promoting the art and customs of the people in the 19th century. With his doing he planned … Continue reading Traditional painted furniture, the “Bauernmöbel”

Salzburger Nockerln

Salzburger Nockerl, a sweet, light and fluffy Dumpling

At one of my visits to Salzburg a couple years ago I was longing for an Austrian sweet dish. We stopped at Cafe Mozart in the Getreidegasse to experience this local dessert. This decadent sweet dish/dessert was prepared by Anneliese Schwarzmann former chef and owner of the Hotel Stadt Mainz in Würzburg Salzburger Nockerl are light and fluffy, they are delicate vanilla-flavored dumplings, which reminds … Continue reading Salzburger Nockerl, a sweet, light and fluffy Dumpling