Cornish hens dinner table

Balsamic glazed Cornish Hens for a small gathering

As the holidays are approaching, there will be a question: What should I cook for only a small group of 2 to 4 people with little effort. While still young and small, only weighing less than 2 pounds, it is known that one Cornish hen is suitable for a single serving.

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Chicken Fricassee, Hänhchen Frikasee

Chicken Fricassee

A wholesome meal you can eat with rice or noodles. Kind of reminds me of Chicken à la King. Instead of Sherry, I added some white wine and Worcestershire sauce at the end

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Pollo alla cacciatora Umbrien

Chicken Italien style “Pollo alla cacciatora”

We ate “Pollo alla cacciatora” in Orvieto, Umbrien. Also called “Hunter’s Wives” Chicken, this Italien Food has lots of fresh tomatoes and herbs, and is very delicious. Enough for 4 people, you would eat it with Parpadelle pasta (or wide noodles)

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