Liver Dog Treats for our Pooches

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Liver dog treats

I like to make healthy dog ​​snacks that consists of purely natural ingredients without preservatives, in this case Liver,Vegetables and Grains

These treats are considered to be particularly rich in protein and contain valuable vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

I show you some steps on how you can bake wonderfully delicious dog treats yourself. This recipe below is quick and easy to make. Your dog will love the result.

You can substitute liver with a can of tuna (in oil), the carrots with a cup of sweet potatoes or pumpkin and follow the recipe.

  • Cook or steam some carrots until soft
  • Chop 1/2 lb chicken liver
  • Chop fresh parsley
  • Soak steel oats in hot water. Flax seeds
  • Combine all ingredients, egg, steel oats, flax seeds, salt, parsley and liver
  • Add flour, each cup at the time to the liver mixture
  • Place liver dough into the fridge for 30 minutes
  • Remove liver dough from the refrigerator and place on work surface, divide
  • Cut out shapes in the rolled out dough
  • Place cutouts on cookie sheet covered with parchment paper
  • Place sheets (3) into oven and bake at 360 F or 330 F confection
  • Liver dog treats on cooling rack
  • Liver dog treats

I have had dogs off and on since my youth, and I have to some tips you can follow on When, Where and How to give treats:

Gone are the days when our dogs should only be given treats because they’ve followed a command correctly. I only give Max and Cooper treats from time to time, for example after they done their business outside, when snuggling up in the living room or when just coming home.

Sheltie Max and Cooper love the treats

I try to avoid giving Max and Cooper treats when sitting at the dining table, because they will beg for treats every time sitting at the table. Why? Our pooches have created a false connection between the dining table and the treat. This could get embarrassing and uncomfortable when guests join us for dinner.
Max and Cooper also know that they just don’t get these treats only as an reward, for example when they follow orders correctly, I try to give them one every now and then for no reason.Both can tell that I am absolutely happy with their existence and not only when being good behaving dogs.

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