Pumpkin Spice bread on Thanksgiving table Sticky post

Pumpkin Spice holiday bread

It’s a slow rainy day just before Thanksgiving. I am fortunate to be able stay at home and devote my time to baking This morning I was looking through my cupboard and to my surprise, I had all the ingredients for a Pumpkin Spice holiday bread or cake. Since we were so close to the holidays I decided to bake this afternoon The spices you … Continue reading Pumpkin Spice holiday bread

Streusel Crumb cake

Streusel or Crumbles for cakes and pastry

Crispy Streusel Crumbles is a tasty topping for my cakes and pastries. Just sprinkle the crumbs before baking and it will convert your baked goods into a special treat Below is a basic Streusel recipe. Leftovers can be kept in the fridge (or freezer) for future use. Ingredients: 2 1/3 cup all purpose flour 10 1/2 tbsp cold Butter 3/4 cup granulated Sugar The recipe … Continue reading Streusel or Crumbles for cakes and pastry

Osterlamm Kuchen. German Easter lamb cake

German Easter Lamb cake or Osterlamm

You can find the Lamb cake customarily on an Easter breakfast table in Germany A juicy Easter lamb made from a cake batter has become a beloved tradition for many families in Germany. Instead of a large cake, you can bake little Easter lambs and Easter bunnies, which I personally like much better. This way everyone gets their own mini cake. You can flavor the … Continue reading German Easter Lamb cake or Osterlamm

Nussecken, Almond Triangle pastry

Nussecken, a German Almond pastry

Nussecken, like the ones from the German bakery, combine three favorite layers: sweet nut mixture, a fine apricot or peach jam and a buttery shortcrust pastry. This Nussecken recipe proves how easy it is to make the pastry yourself. This small Almond pastry is a welcome change as an afternoon snack with your coffee. Continue reading Nussecken, a German Almond pastry

My daughter eating Apfelstrudel at the Forggensee, Austria

Anneliese’s scrumptious “Apfelstrudel” or Apple Strudel

Whenever in Würzburg I visit my friends, the Schwarzmann girls. The sisters Margarete and Anneliese Schwarzmann and their parents (RIP) have a 100 year history in the hospitality field. They owned the Hotel and Restaurant “Stadt Mainz” in Würzburg where Anneliese has been the chef. Continue reading Anneliese’s scrumptious “Apfelstrudel” or Apple Strudel

Peach and Berry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream

Easy Peach and/or Berry Cobbler

I was introduced to this Cobbler recipe about thirty years ago in the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains, only weeks after arriving to America. Being used to elaborate cakes and tortes, my first thought was that this was too simple. To my surprise, it tasted delightful. Ingredients are one cup of each: flour, sugar and milk. Also a stick of butter, peaches or berries. Serve … Continue reading Easy Peach and/or Berry Cobbler