German Semmelknoedel, bread dumplings with chanterelle sauce Sticky post

Pfifferlinge or Chanterelle Mushrooms

Chanterelles, or in German Pfifferlinge, are golden yellow mushrooms that are widespread in Europe and found on the menu late July to end of September. One of my favorite dishes is the Semmelknödel with the creamy Pfifferling Sauce (Bread dumplings with Chanterelle mushroom sauce), The fine taste of this mushroom and the clear shape speaks for itself. For the light and uncomplicated summer kitchen, the … Continue reading Pfifferlinge or Chanterelle Mushrooms

Schaschlik, Kebab

Schaschlik Kebab with a Curry Tomato sauce

This Shisch Kebab or Schaschlik (Shashlik) recipe brings back memories of Family get-togethers in my childhood. It is also remembered as 80’s party food, just like the Hawaii toast. These Kebabs were an easy dish we had prepared on skewers, sometimes a day before, and then cooked on low in a curry-tomato sauce. We ate this meal often at small gatherings. I especially remember this … Continue reading Schaschlik Kebab with a Curry Tomato sauce