Nuremberg Gingerbread, Elisen, Lebkuchen Sticky post

Authentic “Nürnberger Lebkuchen” (Gingerbread), a recipe with history

The Nuremberg or Nürnberger Lebkuchen manufacturers have always baked, not only for the needs of the Nuremberg residents, but also for long-distance trade. Nuremberg gingerbreads went “all over the world” on old trade routes and with them the good reputation. The name “Nürnberger Lebkuchen” is a protected trademark, and anyone can be sure that type of Gingerbread is made in Nuremberg. The Lebkuchen you see … Continue reading Authentic “Nürnberger Lebkuchen” (Gingerbread), a recipe with history

Eierlikoer, eggnog liqueur

Make your own Eierlikör or Eggnog Liqueur

I started making homemade Eggnog liqueur filled in cute bottles a few years ago. It was always very difficult for me to find Christmas presents that would suit my loved ones. Since then, this Eggnog liqueur bottles or Carafes have been a hit under the Christmas tree. Each bottle comes nicely wrapped The traditional Eierlikör, also called Advocaat in Dutch, is an alcoholic beverage made … Continue reading Make your own Eierlikör or Eggnog Liqueur

Lübeck historic buildings, waterfront Sticky post

Lübeck is much more than Marzipan

Joyful, lively and relaxed, that is how it felt spending four days in Lübeck, Travemünde, and the Timmendorfer beach to the north. Walking through the winding streets of the Altstadt, I admired the imposing brick architecture of the old town island and Nordic beauty that has retained the charm of an original port city. I was looking forward to a visit to Lübeck, also called … Continue reading Lübeck is much more than Marzipan

Martin Glas Heimatphotographie Der Riese Miltenberg Sticky post

The”Giant” in Miltenberg

The real GIANT „Zum Riesen” in Miltenberg was documented as a medieval Hostel, and is now operated as a Hotel. Did you know, the “Giant” can justifiably be called the oldest royal hostel in Germany. Dr. Ph. Madler mentions in his 1865 historical memorabilia of the Inn “Zum Riesen“, that Charles IV took quarters there for eight days in February 1368. Documents from Dr. Madler … Continue reading The”Giant” in Miltenberg

View to Grossheubach per Wikimedia Sticky post

A fascinating view from the Engelberg Monastery

Every so often, when in the Miltenberg area, we take a hike up the Engelberg mountain. Climbing up the 612 Engelstaffen” or Angel steps, we have a breathtaking view of Grossheubach below. Once we reach the top of the mountain we’d walk the grounds of the Franciscan monastery and take a seat at a Biergarten to enjoy the local Franconian drinks and eats. The Engelberg … Continue reading A fascinating view from the Engelberg Monastery

Neuschwanstein, Allgäu Sticky post

Füssen, a town with the most enchanting castles

After four exciting days in Munich, I drove about 90 minutes southwest towards Füssen with a short stop in Murnau (Staffelsee). It has been about 25 years and I was anxious to visit Füssen, which is nestled near a cluster of majestic Bavarian mountains and a view to several castles where King Ludwig II had lived. This town was a good starting point for my … Continue reading Füssen, a town with the most enchanting castles

Cranberry Walnut no-knead bread Sticky post

Cranberry-Walnut bread, a great addition to your Holiday table

As many of my friends know, I love to bake breads, and that in many varieties. Today I baked my Cranberry-Walnut bread with my German no-knead bread basic recipe (below) in the very hot Dutch oven. I just added some dried Cranberries and crushed Walnuts. This bread makes a festive edition to your holiday dinner, may it be Thanksgiving or Christmas. Plan a day ahead, … Continue reading Cranberry-Walnut bread, a great addition to your Holiday table

Pumpkin soup Kürbis suppe Sticky post

Creamy delicious Pumpkin Soup

While taking the dogs to the park, I saw a Pumpkin Patch with a setup that was being used for family photo shoots. I went over and posed with my dogs. I picked up a pumpkin, and while driving back home I thought about some recipes. A Pumpkin soup came to mind For a creamy pumpkin soup I bought the Hokkaido pumpkin, but a Butternut … Continue reading Creamy delicious Pumpkin Soup