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Angie's Glass Mosaic

I always liked colors, details and European architecture. When I started painting in 2011, it was to forget a painful time. My Sheltie Sam had just died and I needed to occupy my mind. I produced three paintings in marathon style over a weekend.

A couple years later I took a class on Glass Mosaic (scroll to the bottom). Now my creativity has evolved mainly into designing my Website AngiesWeb, tasting, cooking gourmet and traveling through Europe

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A Main river scene, and Rothenburg and Würzburg Marienberg Castle with Alte Mainbrücke

Also see Angie’s watercolor paintings on her coffee mugs here: Angie’s Watercolor Coffee Mugs

Wuerzburg Sunrise painting
Würzburg Sunrise

Veitshochheim, Nürnberg (2), Wertheim, Bamberg and Dettelbach below

Dettelbach, Am Bach painting
Dettelbach, Am Bach

Venice in the morning on the left, Venice Sunset Square on the right

My Glass Mosaic with

I took a two day class in 2016 and I really enjoyed it. Then I really dived into it, almost became an obsession. Below is some of my work:


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