Bierschinken made with the “Schinkenfee”

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Every few weeks I have a craving for a good quality Wurst that I can eat with my home baked Bauernbrot (German crusty bread). Living in the American South it’s not easy to find a good variety of Deli meats.

I like to make my own so I know the quality and what’s inside. I found the Ham-Maker or in German “Schinkenfee” with Thermometer on Amazon which made Wurst processing easy.

I joined a Wurstler Facebook group and watch German YouTubes for instruction. This time I discovered Opa Jochen, who is a German Butcher on YouTube. This gave me inspiration to try to make Wurst myself.

  • Process ground pork with spices in a Food processor
  • Meanwhile stir the larger cured pork pieces with the mustard seeds
  • Combine all the meats until it becomes a porridge consistency
  • Stir or knead all pork/meat together
  • Ham maker Schinkenfee
  • Fill the ham maker with the meats
  • Close ham maker with spring until tight
  • Ham maker Schinkenfee in simmering pot
  • Remove finished product from ham maker after cooled in container with ice water
  • Cool Bierschinken in the fridge

You can use the same method with Jagdwurst, no need for larger pieces, just puree the two pounds in the food processor, keep dough cool, add the spices.

You can buy 2 lb ground pork at the grocery store. You also need a good mixer Food processor that can puree meat. I have the Ninja Kitchen system and Blender that also grinds meat.

Essentials are Curing salt and a stainless steel Ham maker like the one you can buy on Amazon below:

A word on the binder that retains moisture:

Kutterhilfsmittel or KHM is a binder that retains natural juices and hard to find in the US, I substituted this with Baking powder (phosphate) from tips I got from other Home Wurstlers in the US. This was my first try, I am still working on a better consistency.

I researched and read about using Dry Milk powder (high heat) and it says: “Non-fat dry milk – Add 3.5% (of meat weight) to the meat mixture. Binds the meat, retains natural juices. Add these after the meat has been ground the second time and just prior to stuffing. “Meaning adding 4 tbsp of dry milk powder to 2 pounds of minced meat to my calculation. Other option that was talked about is using Soy milk powder, about 3 tbsp for 2 pounds, or Guar Gum powder?I am still in the process of perfecting the consistency, so check again later.

I got my inspiration from the Opa Jochen YouTube which is below the recipe. I did the best to translate everything and converted in US measurements. It taste very similar as the Bierschinken I know growing up in Germany. You can add more spice or salt as you like.

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