Zwiebelkuchen, Onion tart

Angie’s Zwiebelkuchen

Zwiebelkuchen is a popular German onion pastry. It is served with Federweissen (a new fermented wine). Those two just go hand in hand You could just use a regular yeast dough, I prefer Puff Pastry, and the dough can be found in the freezer aisle (Pepperidge Farms or at Lidl US). The puff pastry dough needs to stay cool during the preparation and before putting it … Continue reading Angie’s Zwiebelkuchen

White Asparagus, Spargel

The Spargel, a white Asparagus is a popular dish in Spring

Mid April is white Asparagus picking time, and right after you can find “Spargel” dishes in almost every Restaurant in Germany. In other parts of the world, they are available year round. Spargel are in soups, also in salads with oil and vinegar dressing, chopped boiled egg and chives as topping. Sometimes Spargel is served covered with Bechamel sauce White Asparagus is home to warm … Continue reading The Spargel, a white Asparagus is a popular dish in Spring

Swabian dish, Maultaschen on a Plate3 Sticky post

Maultaschen, a typical Swabian Dish

On the way driving south to the Black Forest, we stopped for a couple of days at some friends house near Stuttgart. The next day we were served “Maultaschen” for lunch, which is a type of meat pocket. It instantly reminded me of an oversized Ravioli. Maybe there was an Italien influence? There are different legends about the origin of the Maultaschen. One legend says … Continue reading Maultaschen, a typical Swabian Dish

Nuss Stangen, Nutty Sticks with Walnuts

Puff Pastry twists with Walnut paste

Surprisingly tasty I find these Puff Pastry twists, or as I call them, Nutty Sticks. They are originally filled with a a Hazelnut paste, but Walnuts will do. You can use a Sugar glaze or not, it’s a personal preference Scroll to bottom for Schinken (Prosciutto) twists with Parmesan cheese Make “Schinken Stangen” with Prosciutto and Parmesan cheese Ingredients and instruction: Preheat oven to 360 … Continue reading Puff Pastry twists with Walnut paste

French Liver Pate, fine Liverwurst, Feine Leberwurst mir Cognac Sticky post

French Liver Pâté, an exotic spread for your Guests

A great Spread for parties is this decadent French Liver Pâté! Sometimes I have a craving for Liverwurst. I have made the Pfälzer before, this one is different. French Liver Pâté is made with Chicken Liver and a shot of Cognac. Brandy or Sherry cooking wine are alternatives Instead of Creme Fraìche, cream cheese mixed with sour cream can be used for easy spreading (some … Continue reading French Liver Pâté, an exotic spread for your Guests

Obatzda, angemachter Camembert, Bavarian Brie Spread, a Munich speciality Sticky post

Obatzda, a Bavarian Brie Spread

“Obatzda”, also called “Angemachter Camembert” in my Franconian circles, is a typical Bavarian spread made from Brie. It is served with a fresh Pretzel or Bauernbrot I have an American friend who despised caraway seeds, but now he got accustomed, and his taste buds adjusted. In a sudden the Caraway seeds need to be included. He even drinks my Caraway Schnapps I bring back from … Continue reading Obatzda, a Bavarian Brie Spread