St. Michel, Normandy

A Trip to Normandy, Well Worth the Wait

By Guest Author Claudia Clark. Visiting the Northern region of France known as Normandy is somewhere I had always wanted to go because my mother had been a French teacher and spent several years there as part of an exchange program while she was in college and was quite fond of the area. From the time I was a small child she showed me photos and shared her stories of the time she spent there.  Continue reading A Trip to Normandy, Well Worth the Wait

Storchentag in Haslach by Wikimedia

“Storchentag” in the Black Forest

Haslach, a town in the Black Forest with 7000 people celebrates end of February the “Storchentag” (Day of the Stork). Children walk through town with white bags that is led by the “Storchenvater” the father of the stork. They call “Heraus, Heraus!” (get out). Customarily, the towns people throw sweets, fruits and pretzels out of their windows. Continue reading “Storchentag” in the Black Forest