No-knead delicious Cranberry-Walnut bread

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Cranberry Walnut no-knead bread

As many of my friends know, I love to bake breads, and that in many varieties. Today I baked my Cranberry-Walnut bread with my German no-knead bread basic recipe (below) in the very hot Dutch oven.

This bread makes a festive addition to your holiday dinner, may it be Thanksgiving or Christmas

Cranberry Walnut no-knead bread

Plan a day ahead, the dough has to rise for at least 17 hrs, or overnight on the counter. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap

Essentials for the perfect loaf :

Especially for baking, I recommend a Cast Iron Dutch oven (the Emaille light color ones will stain at high heat). You can place the loaf on the lid part before baking. It’ll be easier to handle the baked, very hot bread!

Bake the recipe below with white flour, I use Pillsbury or the King Arthur bread flour.To enhance the texture (Krume) and promote a golden crust and strong rise, I bake with Diastatic malt enzymes

Other essentials are a Danish Dough Whisk, since there is no kneading, you’d just stir while adding the beer water mixture.

  • Stir dough with Danish dough whisk
  • Cover dough in bowl with plastic wrap
  • Cranberry Walnut no-knead bread
  • Cranberry Walnut no-knead bread
  • Cranberry Walnut no-knead bread
  • Cranberry Walnut no-knead bread

Use the Basic German bread recipe below and these add-ins:

White Flour:

  • Add to flour and mixture dried Cranberries and crushed Walnuts (or Almond slivers)
  • Add to flour mixture Rosemary with Olives (or Garlic out of a jar) and cover with Parmesan
  • Add to flour mixture and cover with Sunflower seeds
  • Cover with Roasted Pumpkin seeds
  • Add aged Parmesan cubes to the flour
  • Add sunflower seeds, grated carrots, flax seeds, add little wine or vinegar to the water (Fitness bread)

Whole Wheat Flour:

German Bauernbrot optional ingredients:

  • Add to flour mixture 2 tbsp Wheat Bran/Germ,
  • 1 cup Spelt flour with 2 cups whole wheat
  • Add to flour mixture Flax Seeds
  • Cover with Oatmeal
  • Add to flour mixture 1 tbsp Caraway and/or crushed Anis Seed
  • Water mixture: 1 cup dark beer, 1/2 cup water, 1 tbsp vinegar
  • Cover with “Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend”
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