German Goulash (Gulasch) Sticky post

German Gulasch (Goulash)

When growing up, my mother used to make Goulash on a regular basis – it’s one of those dishes that I fondly remember. She always made this dish in a pressure cooker. I was extremely suspicious of this pot, somehow I always expected the thing to suddenly explode. When I moved out and was now responsible for the goulash myself, I used a normal pot and let the dish simmer for several hours. Goulash is now our family tradition for large gatherings and holidays. I prepare two large pots for my daughter and family, and also for the visiting neighbors and friends. Continue reading German Gulasch (Goulash)

Tafelspitz, Krenfleisch

Tafelspitz, or Franconian Wedding Dinner

Also called “Fränkisches Hochzeitsessen”, or Franconian Wedding Dinner. Beef boiled in spices and vegetables, it was a staple at our dinner table when growing up. Can be eaten with potatoes or wide noodles. Besides Horseradish sauce in recipe below, the condiment of my choice is Cranberry Chutney. I have not found “Preiselbeeren”, so this is a good substitute I have boiled Tafelspitz in the Instant … Continue reading Tafelspitz, or Franconian Wedding Dinner

Sourbraten, Sauerbraten, Tangy beef roast

Tangy Sauerbraten makes your taste buds happy

A Sunday meal I remember growing up. That sweet and sour, tangy taste and smell you won’t forget. Some have to develop taste buds for it. Sauerbraten can be a big hit a the dinner table, you can’t go wrong cooking for a big crowd. Plan for it way in advance, the marinating takes several days Another option if you too busy. No marinating required, … Continue reading Tangy Sauerbraten makes your taste buds happy

Irish boiled Beef, Corned Beef

Irish boiled Beef or Corned Beef

A typical Irish meal is boiled Beef with cabbage, here we called it Corned Beef. We had while visiting a pup in Killarney, Ireland. Very easy, it consists of beef brisket, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots. I married into an Irish (ancestors) family, so this simple dinner is highly appreciated. Irish Boiled Beef would be very tender in a Slow Cooker. If you don’t own one … Continue reading Irish boiled Beef or Corned Beef