Ulm Crooked House“ (Schiefes Haus) Sticky post

A Crooked or “Schiefes Haus” in Ulm

Last September I stopped at an Italian Eiscafé at the Fishermen’s Quarter in Ulm. I was sitting there enjoying my Cherry Amaretto Ice Cream cup (scroll down for recipe) with an excellent view to the „Crooked House“ or in German “Schiefes Haus”. Besides this precarious building, I visited the Ulm Cathedral that has the highest church tower in the world! The original half-timbered house from … Continue reading A Crooked or “Schiefes Haus” in Ulm

Apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream Sticky post

Anneliese’s scrumptious “Apfelstrudel” or Apple Strudel

Anneliese, a former Chef at Hotel Stadt Mainz in Würzburg has given me over time some of her family recipes, this time the Apfelstrudel, which I like to present today. Whenever in Würzburg I visit my friends, the Schwarzmann girls. The sisters Margarete and Anneliese Schwarzmann and their parents (RIP) have a 100 year history in the hospitality field. They owned the Hotel and Restaurant … Continue reading Anneliese’s scrumptious “Apfelstrudel” or Apple Strudel

Haushaltsschule 1900's Sticky post

“Haushaltsschule” or Home Economics in 1900’s Germany

  In the so-called “Haushaltsschulen”, young, middle-class women were taught household skills, such as cooking, baking, sewing, handicrafts, gardening and cleaning to prepare them to be good housewives and wives. In connection with the women’s movement, around 1900, the first textbooks for home economics were also developed. Initially, however, household training was not viewed as a profession, but rather as a preparation for marriage. But … Continue reading “Haushaltsschule” or Home Economics in 1900’s Germany

Bauernkalender, German Almanac 1847 Sticky post

A German Farmers Almanac or Bauernkalender

In a Bauernkalender weather rules, farmer’s rules, farmer’s wisdom, annual rules, daily rules, wisdom rules, animal rules, plant rules, harvesting rules, lost days, name days includes a farmer’s calendar! Experience and knowledge are handed down in the old peasant rules that are part of our cultural history! Generations of farmers and gardeners have gathered an immense amount of knowledge through expert observation of nature, which … Continue reading A German Farmers Almanac or Bauernkalender

Hofbräuhaus 1908 New York Sticky post

A Hofbräuhaus opened in 1908, but not in Munich

August L. Janssen, the future “Wirt” and proprietor of the Hofbräuhaus in New York City was born in Emden, Germany. At age 20 and after attending the University of Göttingen in the year of 1887, young Janssen, as so many other Germans at that time, took a ship to NY city in the hope to immigrate to America After Janssen arrived in the US he … Continue reading A Hofbräuhaus opened in 1908, but not in Munich

Forest Kindergarten, Waldkindergarten Sticky post

A Kindergarten in the Forest

The idea of ​​the first Forest Kindergarten or Daycare in the woods comes from Scandinavia. In the mid-1950’s, a Danish woman name Ella Flatau founded the first outdoor Kindergarten. From there it spread quickly in the 1990s. There are now around 2,000 “Waldkindergarten” of this sort in Germany. These are mostly state-approved daycares, and only trained educators work here. The groups have names such as Forest Spirits, Tree Frogs or Ladybugs. Continue reading A Kindergarten in the Forest

Garlic Knots Sticky post

Can Garlic Knots be found anywhere in Italy?

One must ask, are Garlic Knots truly Italian? I sure have never seen them on the menu when vacationing in Rome or another European country. The word is, these tasty dough knots were invented at a Pizzeria in Queens in 1973. It was their way to reuse scraps from leftover pizza dough. Garlic knots is a type of Garlic bread that was primarily found in … Continue reading Can Garlic Knots be found anywhere in Italy?

Apple Pancakes, Apfelkräpfchen, Apfelpfannkuchen Sticky post

Apple Pancakes or Apfelkräpfchen

When I grew up in Germany my mother often saw me as a child, although I was already an adult. As you guessed, she would mother me. When the Apple harvest was over and this fruit was freshly picked, Apples were always on the table in form of apple puree, or my favorite, the delicious Apple Pancakes She would often say: “Come on Mädle, eat … Continue reading Apple Pancakes or Apfelkräpfchen

Schaschlik, Kebab in grill Sticky post

Schaschlik Kebab with a Curry Tomato sauce

This Schisch Kebab or Schaschlik recipe brings back memories of Family get-togethers of my childhood. An easy dish we had prepared on skewers sometimes a day before, and then cooked on low in a curry-tomato sauce in the oven. We ate this meal often at small gatherings. I especially remember this Kebab devoured at a Grill Bude, a BBQ Booth in town with some fries. … Continue reading Schaschlik Kebab with a Curry Tomato sauce

Roman villa in Ahrweiler, Römervilla Sticky post

An amazing archeological find turned out to be a Roman Villa

It was a rainy day in Germany, so a visit to a Museum came to mind. Only 45 minutes from where I was staying is Ahrweiler in the North of the Rhineland. There, in 1980, construction workers discovered the remains of an ancient building at the foot of the so called “Silberberg”. It turned out to be a sensational find. After ten years of excavation … Continue reading An amazing archeological find turned out to be a Roman Villa

Sweet Potato Brussels Sprouts Sticky post

Fancy roasted Brussels Sprouts with sweet Potato

This is a recipe I have prepared a couple years ago, and it was so delicious I felt like I need to write about. Once prepared, it tastes so good, like it was made by a Chef at a fancy restaurant. It doesn’t only look appealing, it is fragrant and delicious. Sweet potatoes are not common in Europe, so I call this dish an American … Continue reading Fancy roasted Brussels Sprouts with sweet Potato

chicken stuffing Sticky post

A Chicken Stuffing from my Childhood

This is my mother’s poultry stuffing recipe given down through generations. The chicken liver is optional, but for me it brings back memories to my Bavarian and Franconian roots.
I remember my childhood, I would get up early on Sunday morning and my mother would put some cooked “Fülle” Stuffing to the side for me to eat before the chicken is filled Continue reading A Chicken Stuffing from my Childhood

Leonardifahrt, South Bavaria Sticky post

Leonhardifahrt, a horse and carriage procession in Bavaria

The famous Leonhardifahrt or Leonhardiritt in South Bavaria is a solemn pilgrimage of horses and cattle in early November to honor the patron St. Leonhard. The magnificently decorated four wheeled horse drawn carriages, lead by a coachmen, come from near and far in the early hours and ride the streets and alleys of Bavarian towns. Continue reading Leonhardifahrt, a horse and carriage procession in Bavaria

Dallmayr Food platter, Wurst and cheese Platter Sticky post

Dallmayr is known for Coffee, but also for their famous delicacies in Munich

The Dallmayr, also a Delicatessen House in Munich, is a tradition since the 17th century and a parent company of the famous German coffee “Prodomo”. One morning while staying at the Hotel du Train, I strolled down to the Marienplatz. There, right behind the Townhall at the Dienerstrasse, I found the Dallmayr Coffee house and Deli. Dallmayr Munich has been the finest delicacies for almost 300 years, and the largest delicatessen in Europe. Continue reading Dallmayr is known for Coffee, but also for their famous delicacies in Munich

Hotel du train, Munich Sticky post

The Orient Express is in Munich – as a hotel

After arriving in Munich, I wanted to experience a hotel stay of a special kind. I took the public transportation to the Sendlinger Tor or Gate. From there I rolled my large suitcase to the Hotel du Train. I found this hotel fascinating after I read about it in a Munich online newspaper. To my amazement it has the theme of Agatha Christie’s Orient Express … Continue reading The Orient Express is in Munich – as a hotel

German Goulash (Gulasch) Sticky post

German Gulasch (Goulash)

When growing up, my mother used to make Goulash on a regular basis – it’s one of those dishes that I fondly remember. She always made this dish in a pressure cooker. I was extremely suspicious of this pot, somehow I always expected the thing to suddenly explode. When I moved out and was now responsible for the goulash myself, I used a normal pot and let the dish simmer for several hours. Goulash is now our family tradition for large gatherings and holidays. I prepare two large pots for my daughter and family, and also for the visiting neighbors and friends. Continue reading German Gulasch (Goulash)

Chamonix, France Sticky post

Chamonix-MontBlanc, the highest Mountain in Western Europe

Written by Author Claudia Clark. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and because I am an avid animal lover–especially koalas and kangaroos, we had planned for 5 years to go to Australia. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus outbreak our trip had been cancelled, so we decided to travel to France, the town of Chamonix and the Mont-Blanc mountain, which is the Haute-Savoie region. Continue reading Chamonix-MontBlanc, the highest Mountain in Western Europe

Croissants aux Amandes, Almond Croissant Sticky post

Croissants aux Amandes

I ate these decadent Almond Croissants while in Paris at the Les Deux Magots. They are also called croissants aux creme d’amandes or simply croissants fourrés. We arrived at the Parisian district with a special charm, an atmosphere of character and a renowned café name Les Deux Magots! With a patio facing the church, and its waiters in black and white clothes set the tone of Saint-Germain. Continue reading Croissants aux Amandes

Schinken, Speck, Prosciutto Sticky post

Homemade Schinken or Prosciutto

I pride myself to have mastered the art of smoking a German Schinken, a type of Prosciutto. The difference is that Schinken is cold smoked and dried, versus Prosciutto is hung/dried for about a year. I watched many YouTube clips and joined Social media groups about smoking meats. I held on to this recipe for a very long time, and since I am traveling more, I thought it is time to pass it on. Continue reading Homemade Schinken or Prosciutto

French Onion Soup Sticky post

A delicious Soup with simple ingredients

French Onion Soup is quickly prepared and a great, delicious starter on your table. This soup has long been considered a classic “poor people’s food”. Hardly surprising, because the ingredients are simple and almost everyone has them in the house. On top of that, the recipe also offers a good opportunity to use stale bread in this wholesome dish. There are other types of onion … Continue reading A delicious Soup with simple ingredients

Kaiserschmarrn, Austrian dish Sticky post

Kaiserschmarrn, a traditional Austrian dish

While strolling through the cobblestone streets of Vienna, Austria, we stopped for lunch at Café Central (est. 1876) for some original Austrian food. The waiter highly recommended this Austrian dish Kaiserschmarrn is an original Austrian sweet dish, made from Palatschinken (pancake) dough. It was created for Kaiser Franz Joseph and Elisabeth (Sissi) in 1854. He always said “geb mir mal den Schmarrn her” so it … Continue reading Kaiserschmarrn, a traditional Austrian dish

Salzburg, Austria Sticky post

Three days in Salzburg, Austria

On the way to Austria, we stopped for a couple days in the in the Salzburg area. Salzburg is located on the border with Germany at the foot of the Eastern Alps. A river name Salzach flows through the middle of the city. On the left bank is the old town, designated as a pedestrian zone, with buildings from the Middle Ages and Baroque It … Continue reading Three days in Salzburg, Austria

German yeast rolls. Eierweck Sticky post

Eierweck, a German sweet yeast roll

These yeast rolls taste excellent, kind of reminds me a little of brioche. The crust is really thin and tender, the crumb is loose, fluffy-soft and has a buttery aroma. These “Eierweck” sweet bread yeast rolls are also shaped as croissants and can be found in my Franconia Bakery and the region of Würzburg. As a kid, I remember visiting aunts and uncles who owned … Continue reading Eierweck, a German sweet yeast roll

Spaghetti Carbonara, Italien dish Sticky post

Spaghetti Carbonara has a long history

According to a widespread legend, this dish goes back to the Italian Carbonari, who made charcoal in the Appenine mountains. It is said this Spaghetti dish was cooked over a fire in a cast iron pan during their breaks. The Carbonari (Italian for “charcoal makers”) were an informal network of secret revolutionary societies active in the Italian mountains from about 1800 to 1831. The most important ingredient in this … Continue reading Spaghetti Carbonara has a long history

Steckerlfish. Spanish Makrele, Fish on a stick Sticky post

The Steckerlfish, a Mackerel on a Stick

A delicacy is the “Steckerlfisch” or Fish on a Stick is a Spanish Mackerel that is grilled over a dug out pit with a grey layer of amber. This type of fish is one of my favorites visiting German or Austrian folk festivals.
The Steckerlfisch originates from the “kitchen” of the former Danube fishermen, and has been written about in books of the early 1900’s. Continue reading The Steckerlfish, a Mackerel on a Stick

Drachenburg Castle, Königswinter Sticky post

Drachenburg Castle, an elegant Palace with a magnificent Terrace

One day a couple years ago we took the Old Trolly train halfway up to the Drachenburg Castle. It is a newer castle built in 1884, located about a mile below the Drachenfels ruin and a jewel of the romantic Middle Rhine and Königswinter. The Old Trolley Train “Drachenfelsbahn” is the oldest operated Rack or Cog Railway* in Germany. It is operated by Bergbahnen im … Continue reading Drachenburg Castle, an elegant Palace with a magnificent Terrace

Gugelhupf, Bundt cake, Guglhupf Sticky post

A Kaiser, his mistress and a Gugelhupf

One wonders if you have a genuine “Kaisergugelhupf” (Emperor bundt cake) on your plate at the Café. Only bakers and baking enthusiasts, who do a little research would be familiar with the true consistency of the dough. After all, we know there are many different variations on the internet, and there is very large collections of fake recipes among them. The difference is very simple, … Continue reading A Kaiser, his mistress and a Gugelhupf

Leipzig Altes Rathaus Sticky post

Leipzig claims to fame of J. S. Bach, but also a darker time

I have been in Leipzig several times, the first time 1997, only 8 years after the wall fell in the former DDR. It was just being rebuilt, and still looked gray with 40 years of decay. Leipzig has undergone significant change with the restoration of many historical buildings, the demolition of others, and the development of a modern transport infrastructure. It is one of the … Continue reading Leipzig claims to fame of J. S. Bach, but also a darker time

Porta Nigra, Trier, Germany Sticky post

Trier, the most impressive ancient city in Germany

The Rhineland has some amazing sights. Just 1.5 hrs drive from my river cottage is the city of Trier. First settled by the celts, then the Romans 2000 years ago, it is the oldest city in Germany with a magnificent ancient gate or monument, the Porta Nigra Located in the Middle-Mosel valley with a scenic landscape and bordering mountains, Trier, or “Augusta Treverorum” when founded … Continue reading Trier, the most impressive ancient city in Germany

Colmar, France Sticky post

Colmar, the most picturesque, historic town in the Alsace

The Alsace region with all its beauty is a real place for connoisseurs, but above all, it causes tourists to be amazed. The town of Colmar, is arguably the most delightful city in France! While staying in the Black Forest, I left one morning after breakfast to drive to the French side. Colmar, the third largest city in the region, is no longer a real small town with its almost 67,000 inhabitants, but is often regarded as such due to its intimacy and its enticing small town charm. My expectations were rewarded visiting this magnificent city. Continue reading Colmar, the most picturesque, historic town in the Alsace

King Ludwig II of Bavaria Royal train Sticky post

Versailles on Wheels, two glorious Wagons of King Ludwig ll

While in Nürnberg we spent time exploring the DB Museum (Train Museum) on Lessingstrasse. There we saw two magnificent, original train wagons of the King of Bavaria, Ludwig II (1860’s). Ludwig took over the train from his father Maximilian II in 1864. He not only wanted the train to be technically modern, but also culturally and feudal. Over the next six years, after inheriting the … Continue reading Versailles on Wheels, two glorious Wagons of King Ludwig ll

Swabian dish, Maultaschen on a Plate3 Sticky post

Maultaschen, a typical Swabian Dish

On the way driving south to the Black Forest, we stopped for a couple of days at some friends house near Stuttgart. The next day we were served “Maultaschen” for lunch, which is a type of meat pocket. It instantly reminded me of an oversized Ravioli. Maybe there was an Italien influence? There are different legends about the origin of the Maultaschen. One legend says … Continue reading Maultaschen, a typical Swabian Dish

Aachen Cathedral Sticky post

Aachen has a place of Pilgrimage and Royal Coronations

Staying near Bonn, we decided to take an hour’s drive to the Aachen Cathedral or Dom, which was founded 800 a.D. by Charlemagne “Charles the Great” and is today a UNESCO World Heritage site. This historic and glamorous building is an emblem of Aachen and a landmark in occidental architecture Around 800 AD., Charlemagne built a major imperial palace in Aachen with the Palatine chapel … Continue reading Aachen has a place of Pilgrimage and Royal Coronations

Yoghurt-Fruit cheese cake with blueberry and raspberry Sticky post

Eat a Yoghurt-Fruit Cheese cake without the Guilt

If you miss the German cheese cakes and think it’s not good for your hips, then bake it with Quark, in this case Greek-Yoghurt with Fruit. To make it easy, you can use Graham crackers as a crust. When you reduce the sugar, add the Fruits like Mandarines, Cherries and/or dark Berries. It will complete a healthy combination. Continue reading Eat a Yoghurt-Fruit Cheese cake without the Guilt

Lieser castle, Lieser Schloss, Castle at the Mosel river Sticky post

Feel like a Royalty at the Lieser Castle, now a Luxury Hotel

On one of our trips to Trier we planned to stay a couple nights at a B&B at Bernkastel-Kues at the Mosel. We happen to drive through the town of Lieser and saw a beautiful castle to our left. When we arrived at our accommodation, I asked about this gorgeous building, and we were told it is now a Luxury hotel. We drove back to … Continue reading Feel like a Royalty at the Lieser Castle, now a Luxury Hotel

Noerdlingen is built on a crater Sticky post

A German town built on a “Crater”

A couple years ago we did a four day trip down the Romantic Road and stopped in Nördlingen. It is one of the most attractive towns in the central part of the Romantic Road. It has been found that there was a meteorite impact 15 million years ago which formed a crater
The town of Nördlingen is the largest town in the Swabian district of Donau-Ries in Bavaria. Continue reading A German town built on a “Crater”

Cochem castle Sticky post

Reichsburg Cochem is one of the most admired castles

Only an hour from my home base is the town of Cochem on the Mosel river. We have gone there several times by tour boat or car. This morning I got up early to make another excursion, the Cochem Castle tour. Arriving in Cochem we parked our car at the Pinnerstrasse city parking lot, which is only 5 Euro all day and right behind the … Continue reading Reichsburg Cochem is one of the most admired castles

French Liver Pate, fine Liverwurst, Feine Leberwurst mir Cognac Sticky post

French Liver Pâté, an exotic spread for your Guests

A great Spread for parties is this decadent French Liver Pâté! Sometimes I have a craving for Liverwurst. I have made the Pfälzer before, this one is different. French Liver Pâté is made with Chicken Liver and a shot of Cognac. Brandy or Sherry cooking wine are alternatives Instead of Creme Fraìche, cream cheese mixed with sour cream can be used for easy spreading (some … Continue reading French Liver Pâté, an exotic spread for your Guests

Käsesahne Cream cake, Käsesahne Torte mit Mandarinen Sticky post

Käsesahne Torte, or Cream Cake

One of my favorite Cakes or Tortes when sitting at a street cafe in Germany. It’s a little challenging for a beginner, but it’s worthwhile and tastes great! Best to start planning and preparing the cake 2 to 3 days before. The Cake bottom needs to be baked the day ahead and Cream topping should rest in the refrigerator approximately 12 hours to get firm Continue reading Käsesahne Torte, or Cream Cake

Obatzda, angemachter Camembert, Bavarian Brie Spread, a Munich speciality Sticky post

Obatzda, a Bavarian Brie Spread

“Obatzda”, also called “Angemachter Camembert” in my Franconian circles, is a typical Bavarian spread made from Brie. It is served with a fresh Pretzel or Bauernbrot I have an American friend who despised caraway seeds, but now he got accustomed, and his taste buds adjusted. In a sudden the Caraway seeds need to be included. He even drinks my Caraway Schnapps I bring back from … Continue reading Obatzda, a Bavarian Brie Spread

Zwetschgenmännchen, making dolls out of plums Sticky post

“Zwetschgemännle” made out of dried Prunes

For decades the “Zwetschgenmännle” which are popular figures from dried Prunes, can be found at the colorful world of the Christkindlesmarkt. There are over 350 different figures – from “Nackerte” (Naked) to “Schlotfeger” (Chimney sweeper) to Lovers. The repertoire ranges. There are hundreds of Gnomes and bass Violin players, Guitarists and Pianists, Cooks and Waiters, Mushroom pickers, Pastors, and even Devils etc. Continue reading “Zwetschgemännle” made out of dried Prunes

Passau boat ride, Schifffahrt Stephansdom, Cathedral, Passau Sticky post

Passau, the city where three Rivers meet

After settling in at my Airbnb in Passau, a city in Lower Bavaria, I took a walk at the beautiful waterfront promenade. There were colorful flowers and buildings as I strolled along. I noticed the architecture of Passau’s old city buildings, and as I was reading later, there is a reason why it has an Italian flair. After the catastrophic city fire of 1662, the Italian influence can be seen everywhere…. Continue reading Passau, the city where three Rivers meet

Mittenwald, Karwendel Mountains, Bavaria Sticky post

Mittenwald in the Karwendel mountains

When traveling south from Landshut, I tried to avoid the Autobahn, so I took on a quaint country road. After a couple of hours driving through South Bavaria, I arrived in Mittenwald. A lovely and colorful Bavarian town, which is known for painted Facades on the buildings called Lüftmalerei. South of where the Isar rises, Bavaria meets Tyrol. Thus, Mittenwald became a trade gateway to … Continue reading Mittenwald in the Karwendel mountains

Landshut, Bavaria streetscape Sticky post

Landshut, a Bavarian Jewel just north of Munich

Landshut is the capital of Lower Bavaria. This considerable small town of about 70,000 inhabitants was a pleasant surprise when visiting friends recently. Just 20 minutes north of the Munich Airport, Landshut is one of the richest industrialized towns in Bavaria with a striving economy.  After a three-day stay Passau, I was driving for about an hour, passing by the huge BMW factory in Dingolfing … Continue reading Landshut, a Bavarian Jewel just north of Munich

Ellmau, der Bergdoktor Sticky post

A visit to the “Bergdoktor” in Ellmau

On my drive to Mittenwald I planned a stop at the town of “Going at the Wilden Kaiser” in Austria. Wilder Kaiser is the name of the mountain. Here, and in Ellmau was my all time favorite show “Der Bergdoktor” or Mountain Doctor filmed. If you ever seen the show or movie, you will recognize where I am standing. Continue reading A visit to the “Bergdoktor” in Ellmau

Bad Füssing Therme1, Bavaria Sticky post

Healthy retreats in Germany

When I was staying in Passau recently, I didn’t know what to do on a rainy and cool day, so I decided to take a 45 minute drive to the Bad Füssing Kur town, which means a place to cure an illness. Some towns have Thermal Bath houses or Thermal Spas  Open-air, natural thermal springs have been used for thousands of years for bathing and … Continue reading Healthy retreats in Germany

Leberkaese, Fleischkaese Sticky post

Leberkäse, a German street food

I grew up on Leberkäse and I could eat it as breakfast. The name “Leberkäse” is a misnomer, it does not contain liver or cheese, mainly pork, therefore some people call it Fleischkäse and in English “German meatloaf” You can buy these sandwiches at most Butcher shops in Germany as a snack. It is generally cut very thick. At home I fry a slice and … Continue reading Leberkäse, a German street food

Stift Melk, Wachau Austria Sticky post

Stift Melk and Dürnstein at the Danube

While staying in Weissenkirchen, Austria, and the wine region of Wachau, we did day trips to Vienna, the castle of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (Schloss Artstetten), and took a day cruise to Stift Melk. It was a week full of history and sightseeings Arriving at our Bed & Breakfast “Donauhof” Hotel Garni in Weissenkirchen. Wachau is a Wine region along the Danube, with a mild climate … Continue reading Stift Melk and Dürnstein at the Danube

Sankt Bartholomae island, St. Bartholomä , Bavaria, Koenigssee Sticky post

Crystal clear lakes awaits you at the Königssee near Berchtesgaden

A couple years back we drove through the Berchtesgadener Land, and before we arrived at the Königssee, we saw a “Zimmer frei” sign of an open vacancy at an B&B of those villages. The Königssee is in Southern Bavaria in the Berchtesgadener Land. This lake has crystal-clear water and spectacular views to the mountains. The mighty rocks of the Berchtesgaden Alps fall almost perpendicular to … Continue reading Crystal clear lakes awaits you at the Königssee near Berchtesgaden

Burg Eltz castle Sticky post

Burg Eltz, the oldest castle with a unique architecture

Located between Koblenz and Trier, the Eltz castle is surrounded on three sides by the Elzbach River, a tributary on the north side of the Moselle. I have been there several times with family and friends In 1157, the name Eltz was mentioned for the first time. In a gifted deed to Emperor Friedrich the first Barbarossa, a Rudolfus of Eltz. Rudolf lived on the … Continue reading Burg Eltz, the oldest castle with a unique architecture

German Wurstsalat Sticky post

German Wurstsalat

Many Germans grow up with this Wurstsalat recipe. In my area (Franconia), we make it with Mayonnaise and call it Fleischsalat. I tried this dish first when I visited Stuttgart (Schwabenland). It became my favorite Abendbrot or evening supper. Taste great with my Bauernbrot or a crusty Baguette Continue reading German Wurstsalat

Amsterdam, Netherland Sticky post

Amsterdam and its exciting and turbulent history

A couple years back we decided to drive to Amsterdam. I booked a hotel three days ahead online and got a good deal for three nights. While there, I found out that the hotel parking was $35. per day (or $5 an hour on the street). Therefore, I do not recommend to drive into Amsterdam city by car. There are flights, bus tours or trains … Continue reading Amsterdam and its exciting and turbulent history

German meat patties, Fleischkräpfle , Frikadellen, Buletten Sticky post

Frikadelle or German Meat Patties

In Bavaria they called Fleischpflanzerl, in Franconia Fleischküchle, Fleischkräpfle or Frikadelle, and in the North, Buletten or Bratklops.  These are German meat patties just like my mother made them. I remember it contained spices like salt, pepper, paprika, nutmeg and lemon zest/juice. Other ingredients are eggs, soaked rolls, onions parsley and sour cream.   Continue reading Frikadelle or German Meat Patties

Stuffed Cabbage, Krautwickel, mashed potatoes Sticky post

Krautwickel or Stuffed Cabbage

The other weekend I took advantage of the “man-is-not-at-home hour” and made my mothers cabbage wraps – and really celebrated it! Winter vegetables arouse little enthusiasm in men. And that’s expressed nicely. So on that Saturday I treated myself to this classic. Leaf by leaf filled with spiced hamburger meat and tied into small packs. Yes, admittedly, at the end I still had a lot of cabbage wraps left over. But the good thing about it, they can be frozen. Perfect for lazy weekends when I feel like eating hearty home cooked meal. Continue reading Krautwickel or Stuffed Cabbage

German Rolls, Broetchen, German bread Sticky post

German Bakeries and their Secret

I became a hobby baker when there were no bakeries with fresh breads available; basically out of necessity. So every time I am in Germany, I do my bakery run in the morning, since there are at least two of them in walking distance. I noticed a distinct difference between bakeries, so I did some reading. I had figured out what makes the “Krume” or texture so different A … Continue reading German Bakeries and their Secret

Crepes. French pancakes Sticky post

French Crêpes, a thin, melt in your mouth kinda pancake

French Crepes are very thin delicate pancakes. They are not sweet, but instead savory. Unlike pancakes, Crêpes have a very smooth batter, mostly achieved with a hand mixer, but whisking in a bowl can do the job. The batter can be made the night before, or let rest in the bowl at least an hour at room temperature before frying in the pan. You can … Continue reading French Crêpes, a thin, melt in your mouth kinda pancake

Dinner buffet, Glazed Carrots with Walnuts Sticky post

Glazed Carrots with Walnuts

Still looking for a vegetable as a side dish for your next dinner? I found this to be a good fit for my dinner table. I cooked this Carrot dish the first time at my annual Christmas dinner with friends. It was a hit!   Continue reading Glazed Carrots with Walnuts

Thuringia Sausage/Thüringer Rostbratwurst Sticky post

Thuringia Sausage/Thüringer Rostbratwurst

I came about this tasty Grill Bratwurst strolling through the town of Eisenach in Thuringia. Born in Würzburg and growing up on Bratwurst from that region, I was intrigued about the this regional Bratwurst and the spices they use. My Bavarian Sauerkraut would be a tasty side dish These are the casings that are suitable for Bratwurst I did some research, and if you up … Continue reading Thuringia Sausage/Thüringer Rostbratwurst

German Spekulatius Cookies Sticky post

Crispy German Spice Cookies the Spekulatius

Spekulatius are crispy, spiced cookies that most people probably know because of their beautiful shape. The typical German spice cookies are made with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, that also gives the cookie not only taste but also a wonderfully dark brown color. The relief shape can be easily obtained by wooden models, or silicon baking molds with corresponding patterned shapes, or a molding roll. With … Continue reading Crispy German Spice Cookies the Spekulatius

Serviettenknoede, bread dumplings Sticky post

Serviettenknödel, or Semmelknödel in a Loaf pan

Have you ever been afraid of bread dumplings falling apart in the water, because of some experience of the past? There are two foolproof options for beginners. For one recipe I use a 9″x 5″ loaf pan and bake it in the oven, the other is “Serviettenknödel” that you roll into a clean cotton cloth or plastic foil. then boil. The original Semmelknödel for the … Continue reading Serviettenknödel, or Semmelknödel in a Loaf pan

Bacherach Rhein, Rhine Sticky post

Historic Timbered Style Homes

My Grandparents half-timbered home (Fachwerk) in Dettelbach was built in 1560. My uncle discovered it by chance when renovating it. Of course it has plumbing and electric for decades, it’s just the ceilings are really low and walls are crooked. The town has strict architectural guidelines. I often joke with my uncle he should open the house up to Americans or Canadians to peek inside … Continue reading Historic Timbered Style Homes

French baguette Sticky post

Crusty French Baguette (no knead)

When I gave baking classes several years ago, I invited about 10 Ladies over to bake breads and baguettes. I had prepared the dough a day before, so I did my demonstration. The house smelled heavenly while baking. Afterward we all sat down and tasted the freshly baked bread with some of my homemade French Liver Pate and Cheeses. Plan 24 hours ahead, you would … Continue reading Crusty French Baguette (no knead)

Beef Rouladen, German Rouladen Sticky post

German Beef Rouladen

A favorite meal I prepare for guests while in the US are Rouladen, because it can’t be found in many restaurants. The best meat for Rouladen is Top Round beef, cut into 1/4 inch thin steaks. If you can’t find the thin sliced beef, have a speciality store or Deli butcher slice it for you. If that is not available , follow my suggestion how … Continue reading German Beef Rouladen

German Breakfast Sticky post

Frühstück, a German breakfast feast

When in Germany, do like the Germans do; this is my mantra which I follow religiously. A German or “continental” type breakfast is not eaten every day at home, mostly on special days like weekends and religious holidays. This breakfast buffet would be found daily at your hotel or B&B in the breakfast room. When most of the stores closed, the Bakeries are open every … Continue reading Frühstück, a German breakfast feast

Bavarian pork roast, Krustenbraten. Schweinebraten Sticky post

Bavarian Pork Roast from my Childhood

As a child, I remember waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of my mothers Bavarian Pork Roast in the oven. She would go to the early church service, and then roast the Schweinebraten while we were gone to the later mass. At noon we were ready to sit at the table or Mittagstisch. Usually you would sear the meat before placing it … Continue reading Bavarian Pork Roast from my Childhood

Schaufele, Franconia dish, Wuerzburg, meal Sticky post

Schäufele, a speciality from my hometown Würzburg

Schäufele (Schaufele translates to small shovel) is a traditional dish that is mainly served in my hometown Würzburg and the Franconia region of Germany. Every year, at my class reunion,  I treat myself to this meal when meeting at a restaurant with my former classmates. When finished cooking, it resembles something between grilled pork shank and pork chop. Crispy and juicy, it is my favorite … Continue reading Schäufele, a speciality from my hometown Würzburg

Compiled by Americans living in Germany, Cost of living in Germany Sticky post

Cost of Living, Studying and Working in Germany

This Cost of Living information was compiled by Americans (German/Americans) who currently live in Germany, or go back and forth. Exchange rates make a difference, this post was updated May 2021, 1 Euro ~ $1.21. Scroll to the bottom for information on studying, working and living in Germany Per Facebook group ” Americans living in/considering moving to Germany ” 4800 members Food cost and quality: … Continue reading Cost of Living, Studying and Working in Germany

Hallstatt, Austria Sticky post

Hallstatt, Austria

In 2010, while in Salzburg, we did a 45 min drive to Hallstatt. We decided to stay two nights in a darling Bed and Breakfast. The idea came when we watched a Rick Steves. It was well worth Hallstatt is a town on the western shore of Lake Hallstatt in the Austrian Salzkammergut. It has 16th-century cobblestone streets and alpine-style houses built at the mountain … Continue reading Hallstatt, Austria

Halsbandsittich or Rose-Ringed Parakeet 

A strange sight, Parakeets make their home in German trees!

An unusual sight indeed, and that in Germany! The mild climate makes it possible that you will see little Parrots/Parakeets sitting on trees in Northern Rhineland. On the Königsallee in Düsseldorf, for example, the “Halsbandsittich” or Rose-Ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri) has now become a part of everyday life. The bright green birds can be seen at feeding stations, parks and balconies and sleep on trees in … Continue reading A strange sight, Parakeets make their home in German trees!

Osterbrunnen, decorated Easter fountain

“Osterbrunnen”, the decorated Easter Fountains in Franconia

Decorating an “Osterbrunnen” is a German tradition of sprucing up public fountains with garlands and painted eggs for Easter. It began in the early 20th century in the Upper Franconia (Fränkische Schweiz) but also has spread to other regions. The decoration is usually kept from Good Friday until two weeks after Easter The tradition of decorating an Easter fountain is still relatively young. A little … Continue reading “Osterbrunnen”, the decorated Easter Fountains in Franconia

Potato Mushroom soup

A Potato Soup I remember eating in Vienna

There are many versions of Potato soups, I like the one I ate in Vienna, it had “Steinpilze”, a mushroom that grows in the Forests of Europe. I wanted to re-create this soup once at home. A similar mushroom I could find were the brown Baby Bella mushrooms. Continue reading A Potato Soup I remember eating in Vienna