German Semmelknoedel, bread dumplings with chanterelle sauce Sticky post

Pfifferlinge or Chanterelle Mushrooms

Chanterelles, or in German Pfifferlinge, are golden yellow mushrooms that are widespread in Europe and found on the menu late July to end of September. One of my favorite dishes is the Semmelknödel with the creamy Pfifferling Sauce (Bread dumplings with Chanterelle mushroom sauce), The fine taste of this mushroom and the clear shape speaks for itself. For the light and uncomplicated summer kitchen, the … Continue reading Pfifferlinge or Chanterelle Mushrooms

Potato Mushroom soup

A Potato Soup I remember eating in Vienna

There are many versions of Potato soups, I like the one I ate in Vienna, it had “Steinpilze”, a mushroom that grows in the Forests of Europe. I wanted to recreate this soup once at home. A similar mushroom I could find were the brown Baby Bella mushrooms. Continue reading A Potato Soup I remember eating in Vienna

French Onion Soup Sticky post

A delicious Soup with simple ingredients

French Onion Soup is quickly prepared and a great, delicious starter on your table. This soup has long been considered a classic “poor people’s food”. Hardly surprising, because the ingredients are simple and almost everyone has them in the house. On top of that, the recipe also offers a good opportunity to use stale bread in this wholesome dish. There are other types of onion … Continue reading A delicious Soup with simple ingredients

White Asparagus, Spargel

The Spargel, a white Asparagus is a popular dish in Spring

Mid April is white Asparagus picking time, and right after you can find “Spargel” dishes in almost every Restaurant in Germany. In other parts of the world, they are available year round. Spargel are in soups, also in salads with oil and vinegar dressing, chopped boiled egg and chives as topping. Sometimes Spargel is served covered with Bechamel sauce White Asparagus is home to warm … Continue reading The Spargel, a white Asparagus is a popular dish in Spring

Griessknockerlsuppe, Semolina dumpling soup

Griessnockerl Suppe, or Semolina Dumpling Soup

As an Austrian dish originally, I am familiar with this soup from my childhood. Semolina flour is not easily found in the stores, it can be ordered on Amazon The secret of this recipe for the semolina dumpling is that the butter needs to be room temperature, only then stir in a bowl until frothy. Season with salt and a small, delicate pinch of nutmeg. Add … Continue reading Griessnockerl Suppe, or Semolina Dumpling Soup

Lentil soup, Linsen suppe

Lentil Soup with a twist

Throughout Germany, Lentil Soup has achieved the status of soul food. In this soup recipe, vegetables and smoked ribs enhance the flavor. It is in the tradition of the ten thousand year history of the lentil, a number one protein supplier that has always been the determination of the star among legumes from a nutritional point of view. The Wiener Wurst with the lentils is … Continue reading Lentil Soup with a twist

Creamy garlic-leek soup

Creamy Garlic-Leek Soup

Yesterday I was craving some comfort food. Plus I had a sick person in the house, so I thought about this soup I ate in Austria. When we were in the Wachau at the Danube, we stopped at a Restaurant for lunch. We had a large breakfast at our B&B, and I just wanted something small. It was the creamiest soup I have ever tasted, … Continue reading Creamy Garlic-Leek Soup