Eierlikoer, eggnog liqueur

Make your own Eierlikör or Eggnog Liqueur

I started making homemade Eggnog liqueur filled in cute bottles a few years ago. It was always very difficult for me to find Christmas presents that would suit my loved ones. Since then, this Eggnog liqueur bottles or Carafes have been a hit under the Christmas tree. Each bottle comes nicely wrapped Continue reading Make your own Eierlikör or Eggnog Liqueur

Hot Egg liquor Punsch, Eierpunsch

Eierpunsch or Eggnog Liqueur Punsch

The creamy Eggnog Liqueur Punsch brings the Christmas market home and is a great alternative to mulled wine. Eggnog Liqueur Punsch in decorative in a beautiful glass bottles that can be a pretty Christmas gift. Eierpunsch is made with eggnog liqueur and white wine or Champagne and would is something not be expected to taste this good Continue reading Eierpunsch or Eggnog Liqueur Punsch

German Bier glasses

Did German Monks discover the Bier?

We regularly consume beer, knowing that Germans are involved in the global Beer production and can distinguish beer types. Hardly anyone really knows since when the first beer was developed. Many people would answer to this question that it was invented by monks Did the German Monks invent the Bier? Unfortunately, that’s not quite true, monks started brewing beer long ago (1100’s), and as we … Continue reading Did German Monks discover the Bier?

Elderflower Syrup, Hollunderblueten Sirup Sticky post

Elderflower Syrup, a refreshing drink

Elderberry shows its pretty and fragrant flowers between May and July. They buds can be used to make syrup. It is best to harvest the Elderflower buds on a dry, sunny day, when they will have the most aroma and has fully opened flowers. Then they should be harvested, preferably by cutting. Continue reading Elderflower Syrup, a refreshing drink

Mulled red wine or Glühwein

Easy Glühwein

If you crave a quick cup of Glühwein, you can use a Stash Chai Spice tea bag, hot red wine and some sugar (or honey) You also can make Glühwein from scratch. As you see, this tea has most ingredients you would use making Glühwein. If making a pot, top it off with peeled orange slices (with a peeler to keep off the white part). … Continue reading Easy Glühwein