Roman Empire

Baking Bread of ancient Rome

On my Romans in Rhineland fact finding trip I became interested in bread baking like it was done in the…

1 year ago

The rich Roman history of the Rhineland

A day after I visited Cologne and saw the monuments and Roman history there, I discovered that there was a…

1 year ago

Römerbrücke, the oldest German bridge built by the Romans

Ever since I visited Trier a couple years ago, I am intrigued and fascinated in Germany's ancient Roman history. About…

2 years ago

Cologne was a thriving Roman city 2000 years ago

I like to explore history, including the Roman Empire and their expansion thousands of years ago in Germany. While doing…

2 years ago

An amazing archeological find turned out to be a Roman Villa

It was a rainy day in Germany, so a visit to a Museum came to mind. Only 45 minutes from…

2 years ago

Trier, the most impressive ancient city in Germany

The Rhineland has some amazing sights. Just 1.5 hrs drive from my river cottage is the city of Trier. First…

3 years ago

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