Sauerkraut the Bavarian way

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I came to the realization that many people don’t like Sauerkraut. I was puzzled and wondered why, so I asked them. Basically what I was told it has a sour or bitter taste.

I believe when you grow up with certain foods, your taste buds adjust. I explained to my friends that Sauerkraut should be prepared, and not be eaten straight out of a jar or can, they became curious.

As we know, fermented food is good for your gut, and is proven to be healthy, improves digestion, and boosts immunity. So how it is done? This is optional before cooking the recipe below: Per 1 1/3 pound of cabbage: 1 tbsp salt, keep at 65F to 72F in a jar on the counter for a week. Or just buy already fermented Sauerkraut in the cooler section, or jar.

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There are many different ways, my favorite recipe is the Bavarian style Sauerkraut. 

Although some people don’t care for caraway seeds, there are other add-ons like onions, bay leaves, juniper berries, and a couple of gloves.

Smoked pork with potatoes and sauerkraut

There are a lot of health benefits in Sauerkraut. The fermentations makes it a very healthy probiotic and good for your guts. Almost a miracle food, it’s packed with enzymes and vitamin B and C.

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