Leberkäse, a German street food

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I grew up on Leberkäse and I could eat it as breakfast. The name “Leberkäse” is a misnomer, it does not contain liver or cheese, mainly pork, therefore some people call it Fleischkäse and in English “German meatloaf”

Leberkaese, Fleischkaese

The Curing salt Prague Powder #1 is not absolutely necessary, it is just there to retain the pink/red color while baking, otherwise it’ll be gray when cooked. Just use more Kosher salt instead for taste. Optional: If you like to keep the red color in the meat, you could add a couple of drops of beet juice or red food coloring to look authentic.

In my opinion, the Ninja Blender works the best to mince the meat. Another option is to buy minced hamburger meat, preferable a pork and beef mixture.

The best meat grinder to mince meat in my opinion is the Ninja Blender preferable 1200W

I personally own a Ninja Blender I bought on Amazon

  • Raw Pork
  • Raw Pork roast
  • Grinding pork
  • Leberkaese, Fleischkaese preparation
  • Leberkaese dough
  • Leberkaese, Fleischkaese
  • Leberkaese, Fleischkaese
  • Leberkaese, Fleischkaese
  • Leberkäse
  • German Meatloaf Leberkäse on a roll
  • Leberkaese with Broetchen, German meatloaf,
  • Leberkaese, Fleischäse with potato salad

The recipe below is written in English and German