Bauernfrühstück, a German Farmers breakfast

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Bauernfrühstück, a German Farmers breakfast

A German Farmers breakfast

Bauernfrühstück, a wholesome breakfast I grew up with. This recipe is a variation of the classic recipe and takes only 20 minutes to prepare. It includes ingredients such as potatoes, onions, eggs, and bacon or ham.

The name Bauernfrühstück originated from the fact that farmers ate a rich and filling breakfast so they can perform hard labor in the field for the day,

Today I will show you a recipe that is an original from my region in Bavaria where I grew up.

There are many variations, every Hausfrau (homemaker) prepares this breakfast food her own way. Back in the days, many edible things that were about to spoil were collected, like vegetables and meats like Schinken (Prosciutto), ham, and even Salami were added.

You can garnish the Bauernfrühstück or German Farmers breakfast with parsley, chives or a sliced pickle.

This Breakfast dish can be made for a crowd of 4 or more people!

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