GI Elvis in Bad Nauheim, Germany

Elvis Presley in Bad Nauheim by Wikimedia

Elvis Presley

Bad Nauheim 1958

When the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll reported to military duty on 1.Oct.1958 at the Ray Barracks near Bad Nauheim, the local press wrote: “So much noise around this howling Dervish”. A few days after Presley’s arrival, his father Vernon, his grandmother Minnie Mae and the two bodyguards followed.

Elvis Presley most popular hits:

On the cover of “A Big Hunk o’ Love” Elvis poses in front of the Bad Nauheim Castle Gate. Since 1998, the “Elvis Stele” has stood in front of the Hotel Grunewald, donated by a local stonemason’s company.

The neighboring town of Bad Nauheim was chosen as the place of residence. Initially Elvis and his family resided there in the Park Hotel, but after only five days, the “clan” moved to the Hotel Grunewald in Room 10. After that, the family rented the private house at Goethestraße 14, where all found a permanent home until the end of their stay.

Below Elvis crosswalk lights in Bad Nauheim

The constant sieges of the Goethestraße house by fans and other curious people also had their downsides. Because the house was under constant observation and particularly intrusive people also looked through the windows or, in rare cases, even entered the house. The shutters on the ground floor soon remained closed day and night.

In this house lived Elvis Presley during his army-time in Germany from February 3, 1959 till March 2, 1960. The home has sold later and is in private hands.

Goethestraße 14, Bad Nauheim, Presley Haus. Per Wikimedia

During his time in Germany, Elvis met his future wife, the then 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, daughter of a US captain stationed in Wiesbaden.

Elvis and Priscilla 1960 in Germany
Elvis and Priscilla about 1960 when they met in Wiesbaden, Germany

In Friedberg and at various locations along the Rhine, recordings were made for his first film “G.I.Blues” and the German folk song “Muss i denn zum Städele hinaus” becomes a big hit. Watch a short YouTube below:

Elvis often socialized with other soldiers and friends at the bar of the Schützenhaus restaurant, opposite the town hall of Bad Nauheim. The smaller bar in the garden was reserved for soldiers from the rank of officer and upwards.

On 02.03.1960 Elvis Presley left Bad Nauheim to continue his music career in the US with his next big hit “Wooden Heart”

Today Bad Nauheim is a popular meeting place for the numerous fans of Elvis from all over the world.

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