A visit to the “Bergdoktor” in Ellmau

Going, Austria, Wilder Kaiser
Going at the Wilder Kaiser Marketplace
In one of the first scenes you will see this chapel and cemetery. Dr. Martin Gruber finds out that his sister-in-law Sonja, Hans’s wife, just died in an accident. We find out that Lilli is Martin’s daughter from a short affair he had with Sonja
Rückblick! Looking back 10 years with this summary:

You can view some shows on YouTube “Der Bergdoktor” or just order the DVD of the last 10 years

Below is where the scenes of the Doctor’s practice in Ellmau by Kufstein in Tirol were filmed. Roman Melchinger was the previous Doctor, played by Siegfried Rauch (RIP 2018). He handed the practice to Bergdoktor Martin Gruber
  • Ellmau, Austria, der Bergdoktor
  • Ellmau, der Bergdoktor
  • Bergdoktor Ellmau, Zum Wilden Kaiser
  • Dr Roman Mechinger sign,Ellmau, Arztpraxis, Doktor office, der Bergdoktor
  • Dr. Martin Gruper in the window, Ellmau, Arztpraxis, Doktor office, der Bergdoktor
  • Ellmau, Arztpraxis, Doktor office, der Bergdoktor
  • Ellmau, Arztpraxis, Doktor office, der Bergdoktor

Ten years have passed since Dr. Martin Gruber has returned to Ellmau and has taken over the practice of his mentor Roman Melchinger. Years of happiness, but also years of setbacks, and countless cases in his practice where there were life and death situations.

Gruberhof, where mother Lisbeth, Hans, Martin and daughter Lillie lived

The Gruberhof is on the sunny side of the Söller Bromberg. The Gruberhof, located on the sunny side of the Söller Bromberg at around 1,000 meters above sea level, is in the film the family mountain farm and the home of the mountain doctor, his mother, his brother Hans and his daughter Lilli.

The Gruberhof where the Gruber family lived and lots of movie scenes were filmed
Gruberhof Alm (Wikimedia)

Had Martin then, when he came home after the death of his sister-in-law known that Lilli is not the daughter of his brother Hans, but his? And how could he have guessed that him and Susanne, the host of the “Wilden Kaiser”, would become a couple?

Beautiful view of he Austrian mountains

Martin found that family life at his parents’ Alm (farm) made him far happier than the surgeon’s career in New York. And yet he had to let go his sweethearts, first Susanne. and finally Andrea. It took a long time before Martin was ready for a new love after Andrea’s accidental death.

With Anne, the old feud of the Gruber and Distelmeier family came back into Martin’s life – and that of his mother. But a Gruber is not so easily beaten. Martins mother Lisbeth struggled over the years, together with her sons iron fists to preserve the Gruberhof. It was inevitable that this would bring disputes between Martin and brother Hans.

However, when Hans took Anne to live on the Alm, just a few months after Martin had separated from her the feud began. Therefore Martin had enough and moved out, not to endanger the fresh relationship with the insurance agent Rike, whose borderline syndrome son Lukas makes Martins life not easy …

Austrian Mountains, Ellmau

After Martin has separated from Rike, and the fronts seem to be clarified with his ex-girlfriend Anne, he can concentrate fully on himself and his work.

But a new disaster approaches: Ludwig Gruber, a brother of Martin and Hans’ father, Johann Gruber, unexpectedly appears in Ellmau. The father Johann had a fatal accident 20 years ago during a joint mountain tour with brother Ludwig. He (Ludwig) had left his homeland afterwards.

But the reunion joy is not a happy one. Martin never had a good relationship with his uncle. Lisbeth does not only blame Ludwig for her husband’s death, her strong rejection has completely different reasons.

Mountains I saw on the way to Going, Austria
Mountains I saw on my way

Hans Gruber, Martins brother, always liked his uncle very much and is happy to see him again. Lilli, the daughter, can’t understand the excitement, especially since her great uncle is seriously ill and wants to make peace. Eventually Ludwig unintentionally drives a wedge into the family.

The Alm, the practice, his private life – all this requires Dr. Martin Gruber lots of stress and work. And yet he is a doctor with body and soul, and he has saved many lives in ten years by his endurance and persistence.

More about the Bergdoktor here (in English)

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