German Breakfast

Frühstück, a German breakfast feast

When in Germany, do like the Germans do; this is my mantra which I follow religiously. A German or “continental” type breakfast is not eaten every day at home, mostly on special days like weekends and religious holidays. This breakfast buffet would be found daily at your hotel or B&B in the breakfast room.

When most of the stores closed, the Bakeries are open every day at 7 am and are situated at most street corners. I am an early riser, that’s when I do my bakery run to buy my fresh Bötchens (fresh crusty rolls) and Hörnchen (croissants). When fresh, and sometimes still warm, thats when they are the best. I can’t help myself and take a bite out of the Schinkenstangen or Prosciutto twists on my way home.

A typical German Breakfast are coffee, German crusty rolls, sliced bread, pastries, jam, jelly, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, wurst and cheese platter, and soft boiled eggs. Besides the coffee, there is always some type of juice, like apple, orange and/or grapefruit.

Breakfast, Frühstück in Germany
Frühstück or Breakfast in Germany

Germans enjoy cold cuts and a bowl of Müsli, an oat cereal or unsweetened granola. Instead of pouring milk, the Germans start with a dollop of yoghurt, called Quark, then sprinkle the cereal with the honey for sweetening on top.

  • German Breakfast, Frühstück
  • Breakfast, Frühstück in Germany
  • Breakfast, Frühstück in Germany
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  • German breakfast
  • German breakfast rolls
  • German Breakfast
  • German breakfast,rolls, lunch meats, jelly
  • German breakfast,rolls, lunch meats, jelly
  • German breakfast,rolls, lunch meats, jelly
  • German Breakfast, Frühstück
  • Breakfast at B&B

When eating a soft boiled egg like the Germans, you put it gently in a stand and crack the egg around its perimeter forcefully with a knife. Remove the top and lightly salt the egg. Occasionally you will see Rühreier, or scrambled eggs on the breakfast table.

The rolls would be spread with butter and German lunch meats or cheeses. It would be almost always open-faced, unless taken it to work or a picknick. Most bakeries are cooperating with butchers, and they do the same, to make a “Wurstbrötchen”, which is a roll with German lunchmeat to go.

Making my early morning “Brötchen” run to the local Bakery
Making my early morning "Brötchen" run to the local Bakery