Landshut, a Bavarian Jewel just north of Munich

Landshut is the capital of Lower Bavaria. This considerable small town of about 70,000 inhabitants was a pleasant surprise when visiting friends recently

Just 20 minutes north of the Munich Airport, Landshut is one of the richest industrialized towns in Bavaria with a striving economy 

After a three-day stay Passau, I was driving for about an hour, passing by the huge BMW factory in Dingolfing near Landshut. I assume lots of auto engineers must be living in this area.

  • Landshut, Bavaria streetscape
  • Landshut, Bavaria
  • Landshut, Bavaria, Altstadt
  • Landshut, Bavaria, Altstadt
  • Trausnitz castle Landshut exterior
  • Landshut, Bavaria
  • Landshut, Bavaria, Altstadt
  • Landshut, Bavaria, Altstadt

I finally arrived at my destination. Parking my car across the bridge from the Isar river, I strolled into Old Town Landshut and admired the unique architecture.

Landshut is since 1839 the government capital of Lower Bavaria, has accumulated a wealth of cultural values ​​in 800 years of a turbulent history.

Founded in 1204 by Duke Ludwig I of Bavaria, it remained the headquarters of the Wittelsbach dynasty until 1255.

An old gate called The Landtor near the landing of the Isar River. A bronze historic map of the city is nearby

City map near Landtor, Landshut
A bronze map of the city near the Landtor

Cafe Belstner has caught my eye on the main stretch

The Trausnitz castle

My friend and I decided to take the car to the Hofgarten parking lot and hiked to the Trausnitz castle to take a tour. Unfortunately pictures were not allowed inside. King Ludwig II had his apartment upstairs, but it burned in 1962 and most of his furnishings were destroyed. There is an incredible view from the castle balcony down to Landshut city.

Landshut with St. Martin's Church
View from Trausnitz castle

The Trausnitz castle belonged to the dynasty of the Wittelsbacher, and it served as their residence for Lower Bavaria from 1255–1503, Later it was a seat of the hereditary rulers of Bavaria. The castle was founded in 1204 by Duke Ludwig I.

Bavarian Pork Roast, Schweinebraten

In the evening we concluded the day with a wholesome meal and ate the Bavarian Krustenbraten, or Bavarian pork roast. Click on picture for the recipe
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