The Bastei, an impressive Rock formation

The “Bastei” in Saxony or Sächsische Schweiz, is an impressive sandstone formation and a natural monument. I saw this impressive Rock formation at a distance from the Königstein castle

The view over the Elbe Valley to the Tafelberge mountains of Saxony and far into the neighboring landscape of the Lusatian Mountains and the Eastern Ore Mountains is world-famous. At a distance of 130 m and at a height of 194 m above the Elbe river, the view of the of the sandstone plateau was unforgettable.

The Bastei area is freely accessible all year round. The sandstone bridge, that exists today, was built in 1851. It has a length of 76.50 meter and spans a 40 meter deep gorge, called Mardertelle, with 7 arches. The narrow rock ridge that protrudes furthest towards the Elbe is the actual Bastei

Bastei, Sächsische Schweiz, Saxony

Looking to the left you can see the Bastei bridge with its rock massif. When the weather is clear, you can enjoy a wonderful view to the south, and to the left of the Königstein. The Pfaffenstein can be seen behind it the wooded ridge lines of the Ore Mountains. In the southeast you can see the Great Winterberg, the rock labyrinth of the Schrammsteine ​​rises up to the east, n the northeast the Valtenberg rises from the Lusatian highlands.

Standing on the Bastei viewing rock, looking down to the Elbe river between Lilienstein and Königstein you’d recognized the contrast between the steep slope near Niederrathen and the gently rising hills near Oberrathen.

Bastei, Sächsische Schweiz, Saxony

The health resort of Rathen, located below the Bastai is known as the starting point for many hiking and climbing tours in Saxon Switzerland and also for its imposing open-air theater, the Felsenbühne Rathen.

Bastei, Saxony

If you want to go there off the beaten track through the Saxon- Switzerland, then you should choose the path through the “Höllenschlund” gorge.

Bastei, Saxony, Sächsische Schweiz

Off the marked trail, an old path leads down to rock steps into the gorge, which is framed by huge sandstone cliffs and rich vegetation.

At the Elbe River looking up to the Bastei

Bastei, Saxony

Past the “Steinernen Bären” you can then return to the trail and enjoy the magnificent view from the Bastei across the Elbe Valley.

Bastei, Sächsische Schweiz, Saxony
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