Zürich Geschnetzeltes, a classic Swiss Veal Dish

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This tender Veal dish in a creamy Mushroom sauce is a classic meal I ate while visiting my friend in Zürich.

Zürich Geschnetzeltes can be made with my Potato Pancakes recipe. In Switzerland it would be called Rösti

Besides veal, pork loin, sirloin steak or chicken breast can be used, very thinly sliced.

Tip: Freeze meat for one hour, then slice.
See the conventional recipe below, but you can also prepare this dish in an Instant Pot. Saute the mushrooms, onions and parsley (remove and return at the end). Sear the seasoned meat till brown, but still pink in the inside. Add 3 cups of broth, and set in IP for 8 minutes high pressure. Slow release 5 minutes. Open top and add flour/corn starch to thicken, season with salt and pepper turn down. At the end finish with whole cream (sour cream) and white wine, maybe Worcester sauce

  • Zürich Geschnetzeltes preparation, frying Mushrooms
  • Cut veal (or pork) in thin strips
  • Fry veal or pork strips in pan
  • Fry Zürich Geschnetzeltes preparation with Pork
  • Zürich Geschnetzeltes preparation with Pork
  • Zürich Geschnetzeltes preparation in cream
  • Zürich Geschnetzeltes
  • Zürich Geschnetzeltes
  • Zuerich Geschnetzeltes, Swiss veal dish

This dish can be prepared in the Instant pot. See recipe below in description. Served with my Potato Pancake recipe or wide noodles as side

Click on Picture below for the Potato Pancake recipe as a side

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