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I am born and lived half of my life in Germany (Bavaria), and then the South East of the US

I travel, especially in Europe and enjoy the different cultures and the cuisine. I also love to cook, so when I am home, I write about my adventures and recreate the recipes I was served in Restaurants while abroad.

I also paint, mainly scenes the landscape and architecture and also have a passion in making Glass Mosaic art. I started this Blog because my friends and family have been asking me about my travel adventures and pictures.

When I spend my Winters in the US, I follow my other hobbies like Watercolor painting and Glass Mosaic art. I present it in my “Art Gallery” on this Website

I welcome and appreciate your interest in my European Travel and Recipes Enjoy and follow my Journey!

Angie with

I travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape me”

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