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Angie with AngiesWeb Bio, Cochem castle view to Mosel

I was born in Germany where I lived half of my life, then the Southeast of the US. I’ve been traveling to Europe ever since. I started my blog Angiesweb.com because my friends and family have been asking me about my travel adventures and pictures.

Then there is another passion, cooking and baking, and eating out in European countries. When home, I re-create, translate and cook the recipes from places I’ve visited.

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I spend my Winters in the US, there I follow my other hobbies like Watercolor painting and Glass Mosaic art. I present it in my “Art Gallery” on this Website under the name GermaniaDesign.com
I welcome and appreciate your interest in my European Travel, Gourmet and Art
Enjoy and follow my Journey!

Angie with Angiesweb.com

I travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape me”

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