Storchentag in Haslach by Wikimedia

“Storchentag” in the Black Forest

Haslach, a town in the Black Forest with 7000 people celebrates end of February the “Storchentag” (Day of the Stork). Children walk through town with white bags that is led by the “Storchenvater” the father of the stork. They call “Heraus, Heraus!” (get out). Customarily, the towns people throw sweets, fruits and pretzels out of their windows. Continue reading “Storchentag” in the Black Forest

View to Grossheubach per Wikimedia

A fascinating view from the Engelberg Monastery

Every so often, when in the Miltenberg area, we take a hike up the Engelberg mountain. Climbing up the 612 Engelstaffen” or Angel steps, we have a breathtaking view of Grossheubach below Once we reach the top of the mountain we’d walk the grounds of the Franciscan monastery and take a seat at a Biergarten to enjoy the local Franconian drinks and eats. The Engelberg … Continue reading A fascinating view from the Engelberg Monastery

Römerwelt Rheinbrohl, Limes

The rich Roman history of the Rhineland

A day after I visited Cologne and saw the monuments and Roman history there, I discovered that there was a museum called RömerWelt in Rheinbrohl near my river cottage. That morning I set my alarm for 7.30, made some coffee and got ready for a new adventure. That day exceeded my expectations learning more about the ancient Romans in my area Continue reading The rich Roman history of the Rhineland