Nussecken, Almond Triangle pastry

Nussecken, a German Almond pastry

Nussecken, like the ones from the German bakery, combine three favorite layers: sweet nut mixture, a fine apricot or peach jam and a buttery shortcrust pastry. This Nussecken recipe proves how easy it is to make the pastry yourself. This small Almond pastry is a welcome change as an afternoon snack with your coffee. Continue reading Nussecken, a German Almond pastry

Tarte Flambée, Flammkuchen

Flammkuchen or Tarte Flambée 

Tarte flambée, as the French call it, is proof that good recipes don’t need tons of ingredients. But good ones! Tarte flambée is always on our table when we don’t really feel like cooking. This is done so quickly, that it does not require a long rise time or the cumbersome preparation of other ingredients. Continue reading Flammkuchen or Tarte Flambée 

Neuschwanstein, Allgäu

Füssen, a town with the most enchanting castles

After four exciting days in Munich, I drove about 90 minutes southwest towards Füssen with a short stop in Murnau (Staffelsee). It has been about 25 years and I was anxious to visit Füssen, which is nestled near a cluster of majestic Bavarian mountains and a view to several castles where King Ludwig II had lived. Continue reading Füssen, a town with the most enchanting castles

Cranberry Walnut no-knead bread

Cranberry-Walnut bread, a great addition to your Holiday table

As many of my friends know, I love to bake breads, and that in many varieties. Today I baked my Cranberry-Walnut bread with my German no-knead bread basic recipe (below) in the very hot Dutch oven. I just added some dried Cranberries and crushed Walnuts. This bread makes a festive edition to your holiday dinner, may it be Thanksgiving or Christmas. Continue reading Cranberry-Walnut bread, a great addition to your Holiday table

Apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream

Anneliese’s scrumptious “Apfelstrudel” or Apple Strudel

Whenever in Würzburg I visit my friends, the Schwarzmann girls. The sisters Margarete and Anneliese Schwarzmann and their parents (RIP) have a 100 year history in the hospitality field. They owned the Hotel and Restaurant “Stadt Mainz” in Würzburg where Anneliese has been the chef. Continue reading Anneliese’s scrumptious “Apfelstrudel” or Apple Strudel

Faschingskrapfen, German Mardi Gras donut

Faschingskrapfen – German Carnival Donuts

Faschingskrapfen or German Donuts are baked customarily at Fasching which is end of February. It’s the time of Carnival, and similar like Mardi Gras. The fist-sized pastries are not only found all year round in Franconia, but also in Southwest Germany, where they are called “Fastnachtsküchle”, and in Germany’s capital Berlin, the “Berliner”. Continue reading Faschingskrapfen – German Carnival Donuts