Schupfnudeln, a potato-pasta dish I tasted first at the Bodensee

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Conscious connoisseurs, like me in particular, feel like in paradise at the Bodensee. Because many dishes are prepared in the traditional way.

While there, I discovered new cuisines and my first Schupfnudeln, which is a delicious Potato pasta

The Bodensee offers a variety of first class culinary delights, cycling and hiking trails with lake and mountain panoramas


The name Schupfnudel or finger noodle refers to the shape and appearance of the noodle, not to its composition. Schupf comes from schupfen, meaning “roll, wallow”

Other Names by Region

Schupnudeln can be found throughout Germany, they are especially popular in the cuisine of Baden and Swabia. In addition to Schupfnudeln they are called Baunzen or Bubenspitzle. In Bavarian cuisine they are known as Fingernudeln (finger noodles), DradewixpfeiferlKartoffel– or Erdepfebaunkerl (potato Baunkerl) or Schupfnudeln. In Upper Palatinate they are called Schopperla or Schoppala. In the Odenwald their name is Krautnudeln (cabbage noodles) and in the Palatinate they are called Buwespitzle. The Bauchstecherla in Franconia are a bit thinner and more pointed.

Discovering cuisines at the Bodensee:

Besides the picturesque historical quarters and buildings, I saw quaint farm shops, idyllic orchards and sun-drenched vineyards that invited me to discover nature driving North of the Bodensee (Baden Württemberg). On my tour I saw many restaurants with plenty of delicacies for my eyes and palate to discover.


Especially in Autumn the region around Konstanz at Lake Constance (Bodensee) unfolds a new and very special magic. Soft light is reflected on wide water. The alpine panorama as well as the glowing slopes and forests around the lake form a picturesque backdrop for my wonderful relaxed culinary journey

Right at the beginning of my first culinary foray on my Gourmet Tour near the Bodensee was the “Äpfle” restaurant at the Seehotel Villa Linde in Bodman-Ludwigshafen. The chef of the restaurant shines with excellent culinary skills and has been recognized for it by the Michelin Guide. There I ate a “Juvenil Ferkel” (pork of a young pig), Schupfnudel with Fennel Sauerkraut.

Seehotel Villa Linde, Bodman-Ludwigshafen
Seehotel Villa Linde, Bodman-Ludwigshafen at the Bodensee

The Landgasthof “Zum Adler” in Lippertsreute near Überlingen delights its guests not only with traditional Baden dishes and creative gourmet cuisine, but also with selected wines stored in the natural rock cellar. I ordered a Venison filet with Wirsinggemüse and Spätzle

Hotel Landgasthof Zum Adler, Lippertsreute
Hotel Landgasthof Zum Adler, Lippertsreute at the Bodensee

We continued to Landgasthof “Apfelblüte” in Salem-Neufrach, not far from the famous Salem Castle, and with its location on the outskirts, it is ideally located perfecty for relaxing walks through meadows, fields and forests. I ate a Rumpsteak (Pepper steak) with vegetable and homefries on the side

Landgasthof Apfelblüte Salem-Neufracht
Landgasthof Apfelblüte, Salem-Neufracht at the Bodensee

See Preparation in pictures below:

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