Alsacian Pasta salad

Alsacian Pasta salad

IMO, this Pasta salad is an absolute must have for an outdoor BBQ. It is one of the most popular side dishes and convinces as a party salad as well as a simple lunch or dinner. Here you will find my favorite pasta salad recipe, the one I ate while in the French Alsace (Colmar) region. A classic pasta salad belongs on the barbecue buffet! … Continue reading Alsacian Pasta salad

French baguette

French Baguette (no knead)

When I gave baking classes several years ago, I invited about 10 Ladies over to bake breads and baguettes. I had prepared the dough a day before, so I did my demonstration The house smelled heavenly while baking. Afterward we all sat down and tasted the freshly baked bread with some of my homemade French Liver Pate and Cheeses. While preparing my German Bauernbrot I … Continue reading French Baguette (no knead)

Potato gratin

Gratin Dauphinois, a creamy Potato casserole

Gratin Dauphinois is a French dish of sliced potatoes baked in milk and/or cream, using the Gratin technique from the Dauphiné region in south-eastern France. A wonderful creamy potato casserole and side to impress your family or guests I ate the Gratin Dauphinois on my way to Colmar while staying in the Black Forest. This scalloped potato casserole dish is absolutely simple. Made with just … Continue reading Gratin Dauphinois, a creamy Potato casserole

Gravy for Sauerbraten

Make a smooth Gravy from scratch with Einbrenne or Roux

I remember my mother making her smooth gravy, she’d always put so much time, love and devotion into her delicious meals. This method and basic recipe below is called in German “Einbrenne” or in French “Roux”
This recipe of making Gravy is very old. You’d use your pan drippings (or butter) from your roast to thicken gravy while adding an intense flavor and nice texture.

Continue reading Make a smooth Gravy from scratch with Einbrenne or Roux

Tarte Flambée, Flammkuchen

Flammkuchen or Tarte Flambée 

Tarte flambée, as the French call it, is proof that good recipes don’t need tons of ingredients. But good ones! Tarte flambée is always on our table when we don’t really feel like cooking. This is done so quickly, that it does not require a long rise time or the cumbersome preparation of other ingredients. Continue reading Flammkuchen or Tarte Flambée 

Croissants aux Amandes, Almond Croissant

Croissants aux Amandes in Paris

I ate these decadent Almond Croissants while in Paris at the Les Deux Magots. They are also called croissants aux creme d’amandes or simply croissants fourrés. We arrived at the Parisian district with a special charm, an atmosphere of character and a renowned café name Les Deux Magots! With a patio facing the church, and its waiters in black and white clothes set the tone of Saint-Germain. Continue reading Croissants aux Amandes in Paris

French Onion Soup

A delicious Soup with simple ingredients

French Onion Soup is quickly prepared and a great, delicious starter on your table. This soup has long been considered a classic “poor people’s food”. Hardly surprising, because the ingredients are simple and almost everyone has them in the house. On top of that, the recipe also offers a good opportunity to use stale bread in this wholesome dish. There are other types of onion … Continue reading A delicious Soup with simple ingredients

Colmar, France

Colmar, the most picturesque, historic town in the Alsace

The Alsace region with all its beauty is a real place for connoisseurs, but above all, it causes tourists to be amazed. The town of Colmar, is arguably the most delightful city in France! While staying in the Black Forest, I left one morning after breakfast to drive to the French side. Colmar, the third largest city in the region, is no longer a real small town with its almost 67,000 inhabitants, but is often regarded as such due to its intimacy and its enticing small town charm. My expectations were rewarded visiting this magnificent city. Continue reading Colmar, the most picturesque, historic town in the Alsace