Palatschinken, a sweet Austrian Pancake Dessert

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Palatschinken, sweet Austrian pancake dessert
The Racklwirt Guesthouse was very close, in fact in walking distance from my B&B. At this Guesthouse I had the best Austrian pancake dessert, the Palatschinken, filled with vanilla ice cream.

Once back home in my kitchen I had a some time and the cravings for sweets, I prepared this delicious sweet Austrian pancake dish.

What is difference between Austrian Palatschinken and the French Crêpes?

This is what I found out: In the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, the dessert is also known as Palatschinken. The recipe of the pancake batter is the same as that of French Crêpes. However, when preparing the Crêpes, only a thin layer of batter is added to the pan, and just as much, so the bottom is covered. The Palatschinken pancake is therefore thicker.

There is a large variety of filling and toppings. Chocolate syrup, jam, or ice cream. The latter can also be served on the side with some whipping cream and fruit. Let your imagination and tastebuds play.

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