Bouillabaisse, french fish soup Sticky post

Bouillabaisse, a French Fish soup

While making a stop in Marseille in October 2022, I ate this very tasty Fish soup. In France it is called Bouillabaisse and was originally the sailor’s and poor man’s food. Now it is served mostly in fine restaurants. Back then, the lesser quality fish or seafood leftovers have been boiled for a long time to elicit the full flavor of the ingredients. This kind … Continue reading Bouillabaisse, a French Fish soup

Bierschinken German Deli meat

Bierschinken made with the “Schinkenfee”

Every few weeks I have a craving for a good quality Wurst that I can eat with my home baked Bauernbrot (German crusty bread). Living in the American South it’s not easy to find a good variety of Deli meats. I like to make my own so I know the quality and what’s inside. I found the Ham-maker “Schinkenfee” on Amazon which made Wurst processing easy. Continue reading Bierschinken made with the “Schinkenfee”

Nutella cookies

Nutella Cookies made with a Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

This has to be the fastest and easiest cookies I have ever baked. Just 4 ingredients, Nutella, flour, eggs and baking powder. No need for butter, there is Palm oil and Hazelnuts in Nutella. These cookies have a tender, melting texture, but slightly crisp when you bite into it. Continue reading Nutella Cookies made with a Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Swabian Krautkrapfen

Swabian Krautkrapfen, a stable on the table

Sometimes I get my inspiration while watching a German cooking show “Lecker aufs Land or “Landfrauenküche”. Six women from rural regions of parts of Germany cook for each other. At the end, the ladies rate each other on decorating the table and meals they prepared. These shows are on YouTube (see on bottom) in German for anybody likes to watch. This time the show was … Continue reading Swabian Krautkrapfen, a stable on the table