Apple Pancakes or Apfelkräpfchen

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When I grew up in Germany my mother often saw me as a child, although I was already an adult. As you guessed, she would mother me. When the Apple harvest was over and this fruit was freshly picked, Apples were always on the table in form of apple puree, or my favorite, the delicious Apple Pancakes

She would often say: “Come on Mädle, eat an apple!” Without waiting for my reaction, she took an apple straight out of the fruit basket and cleaned it for me on her apron until it was polished to a shine. Only the best for her children! Red and plump and irresistible. So I always imagined the apple before Snow White was handed one. No wonder that the poor thing took a bite out of it, with the known serious consequences 😉

The Apple itself has a very emotional meaning to me, in addition to all the good things it brings with it, namely the many vitamins and minerals. Every Autumn I’d literally long for the apple harvest to finally begin.

This was my daughters favorite pancake, her Oma made it while we were still living in Germany. This is also a fun dish to prepare with your children, it will make their tummies happy.

  • Sliced apples
  • Apple Pancakes, Apfelkräpfchen preparation, batter
  • batter in pan with hot oil
  • Apple Pancakes, Apfelkräpfchen preparation, batter
  • Covered apples with batter
  • Pan with Apple Pancakes, Apfelkräpfchen preparation, batter
  • Plum pancake preparation, baking in pan
  • Plum pancake preparation, baking in pan
  • Cover pan with apple pancakes
  • Apple Pancakes, Apfelkräpfchen, Apfelpfannkuchen
  • Apple Pancakes, Apfelkräpfchen

My apple pancakes have to be served immediately every year, and as soon as the apples are FINALLY available in abundance and fresh from the tree. A recipe from childhood that has been with me for a lifetime and is unbeatable delicious. The amount of this recipe is therefor for 6 to 8 people, the size of our family used to be.

When it comes to the question “how thin should the pancake actually be?” there are probably a lot of discussions. There are all kinds of preferences. If you are one of those people for whom the pancake can’t be thin and crispy enough, my fluffy apple pancake is not for you! Unless you like both.