Nussecken, a German Almond pastry

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Nussecken, Almond Triangle pastry

Nussecken, like the ones from the German bakery, combine three favorite layers: a sweet nut mixture, a fine apricot or peach jam and a buttery shortcrust pastry.

A small Almond pastry is a welcome change as an afternoon snack with your coffee

This Almond pastry is usually prepared in the winter month, but actually taste good all year round. The reason for this is the perfect combination of nuts, apricot jam and shortcrust pastry.

Not to forget the chocolate corners or sides, which can be made smaller or larger as you wish.

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The heart of the Nussecken is the delicious nut layer, which is made from Hazelnuts, Almonds or Cashews in a buttery honey mixture. They can be either chopped, sliced, slivered and ground, or all combined.

This Nussecken recipe proves how easy it is to make the pastry yourself

  • Nussecken ingredients, flour, almonds, butter sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, peach jam, chocolate
  • Nussecken batter, dough
  • Nussecken batter, dough
  • Combine sugar and eggs in mixer
  • Nussecken Add flour to batter
  • Nussecken Add flour to batter
  • Nussecken Combine ingredients for dough
  • Nussecken, Press and knead by hand for about 2 minutes
  • Nussecken, Make a dough ball
  • Nussecken, Wrap dough ball in plastic foil
  • Nussecken, Place batter into refrigerator for 30 min.
  • Nussecken, Prepare the almond mixture
  • Nussecken, cook the almonds with butter and sugar, honey
  • Cook almonds until bubbly
  • Nussecken dough
  • Nussecken, Spread and roll out dough on parchment paper
  • Nussecken, Place dough into baking pan laid out with parchment laid out with parchment paper
  • Nussecken, Place dough in pan with parchment paper, make holes with fork
  • Place dough into oven on 350 F for 5 min.
  • Nussecken, Remove dough from oven and spread peach jam on top
  • Nussecken, Drop almonds on the dough
  • Nussecken, spread almonds out evenly
  • Place dough with almond mixture into oven
  • Nussecken, Remove baked Nussecken almond pastry from oven
  • Cut Nussecken almond pastry while still warm
  • Warm up chocolate in a pan
  • Cut Nussecken almond pastry into triangles
  • Nussecken, Almond Triangle pastry
  • Nussecken, Almond Triangle pastry
  • Nussecken with Hazelnut and Marzipan (per Wikimedia)
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