Austrian Käsespätzle, or Cheese Spaetzle

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Austrian Cheese Spaetzle or Käse Spätzle

While on vacation in Sankt Gilgen, Austria I had this typical Austrian dish called “Käsespatzen”. It consists of Spaetzle noodles and grated hard cheese that is alternately stacked and garnished with fried onions, then baked in a hot oven

In Swabia, the Käsespätzle are traditionally prepared with mountain cheese and/or Emmentaler cheese. In Vorarlberg there is a  different type of preparation; you can find Montafon Käsespätzle with Montafoner sour cheese, and Bregenzerwald Cheese Spaetzle or Käsespätzle with mountain cheese and Räßkäse.

Some Tips for making the perfect Spaetzle dough:

Instead of regular flour, you could mix 80% all purpose and 20% Semolina flour. Instead of water you can use carbonated water.

If using a Spaetzle press, the dough has to be somewhat thicker.

Basic Spaetzle recipe in pictures below (scroll to full Recipe with video on the bottom)
  • Spaetzle ingredients: 3 medium eggs 1/4 cup milk or water (lukewarm) 2 cups all-purpose flour 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
  • bowl with milk
  • eggs in bowl with milk
  • nutmeg, salt, pepper, flour in bowl
  • dough batter
  • Fill the press with the batter after rinsing with hot water
  • Making Spaetzle with a press
  • Spaetzle maker
  • Spaetzle in boiling water
  • Spaetzle
  • Cheese Spaetzle before going into the oven
  • Cheese Spaetzle, Kaese Spaetzle
  • Cheese Spaetzle, Kaese Spaetzle
  • Spinach Spaetzle
  • Spaetzle with pork steaks and mushrooms
A Spätzle maker can be found on Amazon below:

FYI: With a Spätzle press you can also make Spaghetti ice cream

This dish was served to me in Sankt Gilgen, Austria. Käsespätzle are stacked in a pan, then placed into the oven

To serve the authentic Käsespätzle in an oven safe pan that can be bought here on Amazon:

Side dishes with Cheese Spätzle is usually Boston lettuce mixture. Applesauce is also common with Käsespätzle in the Vorarlberg Oberland and in Liechtenstein. Leftovers of the Spätzle can be fried with butter in a pan.

Also try another variation like Spinach Spätzle

The recipe requires an oven safe (400F) frying pan. Here are some of my picks:

Also known for Kaesepaetzle, Kasspaetzle, Kasespatzle, Käsespätzle 

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