The Roland statue in Bremen has quite a history

There are Roland statues in many German towns and cities, symbolizing freedom and market rights. Bremen’s Roland statue is one of the most beautiful, and, according to UNESCO experts, the most representative and one of the oldest examples.

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As the legendary knight and protector of Freedom, he statue Roland stands 10 meters (33 feet) high and is made of limestone. Together with Bremen’s town hall, Roland received World Heritage status on June, 2, 2004
Roland in Bremen at the city hall

The History

The original was burned down by the then Bishop twice. That is when they made him more solid. Then French troops were going to destroy him but we told them he was a Saint and so they wouldn’t touch him.

Roland statue Bremen

Roland stares straight at the Cathedral, where the Bishop’s seat was

But just in case anyone in the future tries to destroy him, his original head is in the museum. Dreimal ist Bremer Recht…is a saying that came along after the Bishop tried to destroy him twice. The Bishop didn’t like the symbolism of Roland…the protector of our freedoms. Bremen is still known as the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Our freedom was granted by Charlemagne the Great

Roland Bremen
Roland at the Bremen Rathaus (City Hall)
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