Spaghetti Eis, and it’s surprising discovery

Spaghetti Eis

Vanilla ice cream, Whip cream and Strawberry sauce is a popular classic in most German Eis Cafés

Most Ice Cafés (Eisdiele) are owned by first generation Italiens. In the afternoons and weekend you see many people sitting outside enjoying the Sun and eating Ice cream. Spaghetti Eis was discovered, not in Italy, but in Mannheim, of course by an Italian

The History

Dario Fontanella, was 17 when he had this brilliant idea to press the Vanilla ice cream through a Spätzle press. Spaghetti Eis was born.

After this discovery, Fontanella’s father went to an attorney to get a patent on his invention in 1969, but unfortunately was turned away The patent lawyer said it was not worth while. With this patent Fontanella might could have been a Millionaire, since all German Eisdiele have it now on their menu.

Besides Spaghetti Eis in many varieties, like Waldbeere, or Eierlikör, there are many amazing Eisbecher to choose from


Easily prepared from your kitchen. Whip cream, Vanilla ice cream pressed through a Spätzle maker, top with strawberry sauce and coconut flakes